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Another week with the selection of the coolest stuff around the web about Mac Apps is up.

Here you’ll find out about the last Skitch update, the release of Essential Anatomy and Twitter #music app and Delicious Library’s rise from the dead. Also, don’t miss our curated list of awesome deals and cool articles to improve your productivity and your reading list.

News from the World of Apps

Jony Ive Named One Of Time’s 100 Most Influential People In The World

Ive is the head behind Apple’s design and the only company member to be included at Time’s list of influential people. From brushed steel to polished glass, he’s responsible for most of the simple, yet revolutionary, design that hits the stores. “It takes a unique alchemy of form and function for millions of people to feel so passionately about the robot in their pocket.”, said Bono about Ive.

Skitch update includes PDF annotations and stamps

Little by little, Skitch is trying to regain the confidence we’d all placed in it prior to its purchase by Evernote. Now you can annotate PDF’s and use stamps — special overlaid graphics — to your editing. The first is exclusive for Evernote Premium subscribers and as you open a PDF in Skitch, you activate a 30-day trial of this feature exclusively.

Skitch climbs another level and now allows you to annotate PDFs

Skitch raises another level and now allows you to annotate PDFs

Twitter releases its official #music app

It was announced in the last few weeks that Twitter would be releasing a music app. As Vine, it begins as an iPhone app with a web counterpart. It can automatically plug into Rdio or Spotify, or otherwise it’ll use iTunes to play music. Turns out it is more like a place to find new music rather than actually listening due to its dependency to other services.

Delicious Library 3 is here!

Delicious Library 2, the media and gadget cataloging application, was praised upon its first release and its design has influenced a generation of developers — even at Apple. However, last time it has seen an update was May 2012, almost a year ago. Users were already flagging it as abandonware, until the announcement of the upcoming release optimized for Mountain Lion. It’s now here, 5 years after v.2 came out, and is better than ever.

Delicious Library announces the next version of the app coming soon.

Delicious Library 3 is finally here

iTunes Store adds ‘buy now, download later’ option for video and music

Finally! Downloading large files was often limited by the data plans for users around the globe, so now Apple has added new download options, allowing you to choose if you want to download the content now or later. Doesn’t seem like a world changing feature, yet a necessity that will make the download bill lighter for many users. This feature is exclusive for countries or regions where Apple supports iTunes in the Cloud for video and audio.

Essential Anatomy now available for OS X

Essential Anatomy is a hit among health students on the iPad and now the anatomy application comes to the Mac. It packs all the features from the iOS version where users can explore several systems using the “most detailed digital anatomy tool ever created for desktop”. So if you’re pretending to be a doc, don’t miss it.

Essential Anatomy brings everything that made it essential for students on iPad to the Mac.

Essential Anatomy brings everything that made it essential for students on iPad to the Mac.

Apple offers 150 student scholarships to WWDC 2013

If you feed a reoccurring dream to become iOS developer, there’s no better place to be than the WWDC. Still, the ticket is above $1000, shattering the dreams for many of us. Unless, of course, you win a scholarship offered by Apple to attend to the event. The application requires the student to create an app to display their skill. Apple will be giving away up to 150 tickets and applications must be sent until May 2 at 5pm PDT.

Oh, and one more thing: if you’re a registered Apple developer, you can watch streams of WWDC sessions online during WWDC this time. That’s a first, and pretty awesome.

iTunes is a Decade Old

Seems like it hasn’t been nearly that long, but it has: the app and store that practically launched the future of Apple’s mobile future is now a decade old. Take a moment to stroll down memory lane and see how the store — and pop music — has evolved through these past years.

The Best App Deals for Your Mac

Just Type (NEW) – $2.99

Snail – Time and Task Manager  $6.99 > $4.99

Essential Anatomy (NEW) – $24.99

Leaf RSS Reader  $4.99 > $1.99

Slugline (NEW) – $39.99

Glui  $2.99 > Free

Glui is a close competitor to Skitch, using the Dropbox instead of Evernote.

Glui is a close competitor to Skitch, using Dropbox instead of Evernote.

My Files  $1.99 > Free

CameraBag 2 – $14.99 > $9.99

MacPilot  $19.99 > $5.99

MacCleanse  $19.99 > $9.99

CloudJot  $7.99 > $4.99

Armadillo Audio Notes – $19.99 > $4.99

Solar Walk – 3D Solar System Model  $9.99 > $2.99

Vinoteka – $54.99 > $49.99

Cobook  $19.99 > $14.99

Cobook is a better way to manage your contacts on your Mac.

Cobook is a better way to manage your contacts on your Mac.

Collective  $3.99 > $1.99

Ultralingua Dictionary  $39.99 > $29.99

Delicious Library 2  $34.99 > $9.99

Maxthon (NEW) – Free

Metropolis – $19.99 > $11.99

Fantastic Bundle – $164.99 > $19.99 (7 apps including Voila and Snapheal)

Spring Bundle – $690 > $49.99 (9 apps including Camtasia and TextSoap)

MacHeist Bundle – $314 > $9.99 (9 apps including Little Inferno, Path Finder, Totals, Fantastical, CleanMyMac 2, and more)

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