AppStorm Arrives on Google+

That’s right! AppStorm has now landed on Google+ and will be delivering you app related goodness right to your Stream! We’re excited to let you know that now, in addition to Twitter and Facebook, you can get involved with Mac.AppStorm over at Google+! We’ll be using Google+ to let you know about the latest app news, reviews, how-tos, and roundups. Read on to find out more…

AppStorm on Google+

Through Google+, we’ll be publishing links to our new reviews, how-tos, roundups, and lots more! It’s going to be an extension of the AppStorm site and community, in the same way we treat Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t have a Google+ account? You can head over and create one here, or find out a little more about how it works.

AppStorm on Google+

Head to the overall AppStorm page for easy access to all of your favourite AppStorm sites, or click here to check out Mac.AppStorm – add us to your circles and get involved!