Best of Mactuts+ in August

MacTuts+ is the superb new site dedicated to teaching people how to use their Mac, and OS X, more effectively. We’ve got you covered for apps, but combine that with an in-depth knowledge of OS X and you’ll be unstoppable, limitless!

This is a quick roundup of the best tutorials from MacTuts+ in August, from mastering Mountain Lion to taking control of your Mac’s clipboard!

Best of Mactuts+

Mastering Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion is Apple’s latest and greatest version of OS X and it’s positively packed with awesome new features, UI updates and even a few brand new applications to help increase your productivity.

Let us guide you through the sea of new features and show you what you need to know to make the most of OS X, version 10.8. We’ll cover everything from preparing your Mac for the big installation to cutting through the noise with notifications.

Quick Tip: Lightning Fast File Creation with Terminal

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly create any type of file in OS X and place it in any directory? With a few quick Terminal commands, you can! Read on to see what they are.

Take Control of Your Mac’s Clipboard

The clipboard is one of the most basic and essential pieces of every operating system. You no doubt understand the basics: cut, copy and paste, but have you ever explored further? Do you know about kill and yank? Can you access multiple items in the clipboard history or paste with special formatting? If not, read on!

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion includes over 200 new features for your Mac, but some of the major ones aren’t mentioned on the official webpage. If you go looking around in nooks and crannies, you might just find some valuable minor features that you’d never even thought of. I’ve been using the operating system since its first developer preview was released and there are a few nifty features that lie tucked away and out of plain sight. Read on to see what they are!

Quick Tip: Create a Bootable Mountain Lion Flash Drive or DVD

When Apple made OS X 10.7 available through the Mac App Store, users who wanted restore media or simply didn’t have enough bandwidth to download the operating system could pay $70 for a Flash Drive that had a copy of OS X Lion preloaded. With the release of Mountain Lion, however, Apple has stopped selling the flash drives. Luckily, with the help of this Quick Tip, you’ll be able to make a Mountain Lion recovery flash drive on your own.