Best of MacTuts+ in July

MacTuts+ is the superb new site dedicated to teaching people how to use their Mac, and OS X, more effectively. We’ve got you covered for apps, but combine that with an in-depth knowledge of OS X and you’ll be unstoppable, limitless!

This is a quick roundup of the best tutorials from MacTuts+ in July, from how to create a foolproof backup system for your Mac, to getting to know Safari 6 — dive in and become a pro!

Best of Mactuts+

Quick Tip: Get to Know Safari 6

Mountain Lion is officially here and along with that launch comes Safari 6, a major update to my favorite browser. In this QuickTip we’re going to take a brief look at how to use some of the great new features.

10 Tips for a Better Finder Experience

The Finder app is arguably the most central element of the OS X user experience. It lies at the very heart of nearly everything you do. In light of this, you should learn to make the most of it! Follow along as we go over ten awesome tips for improving your Finder use. We’ll cover everything from adding tabs to hidden shortcuts.

How To Clean Up Your iTunes Library

iTunes has become the central powerhouse for organizing music, movies, television shows, podcasts, audio books, and iOS apps on your Mac, and knowing your way around it will save you lots of time. Unless you take deliberate steps to keep it neat and organized, chances are your music library is a mess. Even if there are only a few things here or there that could benefit from some upkeep, I want to show you a few things that will make performing that upkeep that much easier.

Create a Foolproof Backup System for Your Mac

Over the course of this tutorial, I’ll walk you through setting up a backup plan that works for you, I’ll tell you about the surprising number of options available (and why you shouldn’t pick just one!) and I’ll also point out some of the subtler benefits to backing up that you may not have considered.

Preparing Your Mac for Mountain Lion

Before you scurry off and buy Mountain Lion, you should probably make sure that everything on your current system is ready for the upgrade. There are several key elements throughout the OS that need to be looked at and possibly tweaked a bit in order to ensure that the ascension goes smoothly. And for that, I’m going to be your trail guide. Join me after for a full guide to getting your Mac ready for the ferocious Mountain Lion.