Best of Mactuts+ in November

MacTuts+ is the superb new site dedicated to teaching people how to use their Mac, and OS X, more effectively. We’ve got you covered for apps, but combine that with an in-depth knowledge of OS X and you’ll be unstoppable, limitless!

This is a quick roundup of the best tutorials from MacTuts+ in November, from How to Upgrade Your MacBook Pro to an SSD to The 2012 Mactuts+ Holiday Gift Guide.

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Best of Mactuts+

How to Upgrade Your MacBook Pro to an SSD

Following on from the previous post on upgrading your MacBook Pros RAM, today we have a tutorial on how to fit your Mac with a speedy Solid-State Drive (SSD). Upgrading RAM was a relatively cheap way to increase the speed of your Mac – it did so by making your Mac run smoother if you have multiple applications open at the same time and generally allowing your Mac to do more without slowing it down – but adding an SSD will be make your laptop run faster than it ever has. The difference can be so large, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve got a whole new machine.

How to Own Apple Products Without Getting Screwed

Have you ever purchased an awesome new Apple product only to find out almost immediately that there’s a newer and better version right around the corner, or worse, already announced? Doesn’t it make you want to pull your hair out when you fork over hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned dollars and still quickly find yourself a generation of technology behind? Today, we’re going to look at a few simple strategies that you can use to avoid that “screwed over” feeling that seems inherent in owning Apple products.

How to Increase the Performance of Your Wireless Network

Wireless networks are so ubiquitous that many of us rarely pay any attention to their setup. For a lot of us, as long as we can get on the Internet, then thats all we need. However, its likely that your wireless network isnt anywhere near as good as it can be. With some simple tweaking, and some great utilities from the Mac App Store, we can make sure it’s the best in the neighborhood!

The 2012 Mactuts+ Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time for the first annual Mactuts+ Holiday Gift Guide! We know that your list is full of students, gamers, media lovers and most importantly, Mac users. We’ll give you some tips for how to go about gifting apps then jump into the best gifts for all types of different Mac users.