OS X Gaming Month at Mac.AppStorm

Over the past few weeks here at Mac.AppStorm, we’ve been taking a look at the state of gaming on Mac OS X, taking a look at and rounding up some of our favourite games on the platform. We’ve looked at the how the Resonance Cascade not only had drastic consequences for the Half-Life universe but revolutionised first-person shooters and some of the top games available to be downloaded right now on Steam and the Mac App Store.

It’s time to take a look back at the past month of gaming content in case you’ve missed any of our coverage!

Download vs Disk: Which Is Best?

We kicked off gaming month with our look at The State of OS X Gaming, investigating how gaming had changed on OS X over time, especially after the introduction of Steam and the Mac App Store. Shortly after, we took one of the main points of the article and expanded it in Download vs Disk: Which Is Best?

Steam’s introduction on the Mac in 2010 offered a significant platform for games to launch on OS X, some of which we took a brief look at in Must Have Games On Steam followed by Great Games on the Mac App Store.

Half-Life 2 is a timeless classic brought to the Mac!

With all these great games on the Mac, it might be time to upgrade your hardware! If you’re looking for a new Mac, we took a look at how you can be sure your new Mac will be able to handle the games you want to play in Buying a Mac for Gaming (and even How to Run a Minecraft Server on it too!). We also looked at Game Capture HD, a great tool if you want to record your epic gaming. Not every game might be available on OS X yet though, so we also ran you through the steps of How to Run Windows on You Mac with Boot Camp. And if you want to make games, we looked at Game Salad, an app that makes it easier than ever to design your own games, and also mentioned Envato’s new GameDevTuts+, our sister site that just launched to help you learn how to make games..

Then, of course, it’s time to take a look at the games. To kick off future gaming coverage here at Mac.AppStorm, we started with reviews of The Sims 3Spore and Half-Life 2. Earlier in the month we also took a look at Minecraft’s latest update, version 1.3 too! We looked at some of the most intensive games on the Mac today, with a roundup of games not for the faint of heart, as well as an in-depth look at Lone Survivor and . Everyone’s not looking for complex games, though, so we also covered light games like The Last Rocket and Nova Golf.

Our whole team is looking forward to writing more gaming content going forward, so stay tuned for reviews of latest updates and new games for your Mac. If you’ve got any upcoming releases you’d like us to cover, be sure to leave a comment or email us!