Prizmo Competition Winners

Thanks for all the entertaining entries to the Prizmo giveaway. I have great fun reading through a bunch of the crazy plans you had in store for the app!

It was difficult, but I’ve chosen three comments which stood out from the rest:

  • John Davis – Because your first experience with a Mac does indeed need to be priceless.
  • Pieter – Because scanners really shouldn’t eat people’s fingers…
  • Turtle – Because you outlined an epic blockbuster movie, complete with a closing montage!

Congratulations! You should find a license code sitting in your inbox. A big thank you goes out to Prizmo for sponsoring the competition.

For those who missed out, I do have some form of consolation. Next week we shall be giving away not one, not five, but ten copies of a popular Mac FTP app (a total value of $400!). Get subscribed via Twitter or RSS to ensure you don’t miss out.