The $7,000 Mac.AppStorm Christmas Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that tomorrow marks the start of the AppStorm Christmas Giveaway. We’ll be running this across both Mac.AppStorm, and Web.AppStorm, and it’s going to be huge! We’ll be giving away a different application every day between the 1st and 24th December. On the 24th, we’re finishing off with an enormous finale including some fantastic Apple hardware.

The total value of all the prizes included in the Mac.AppStorm competitions exceeds $7,000, with over 138 licenses up for grabs. It’s something not to be missed, so read on for a sneak preview of the software on offer and a special AppStorm Christmas wallpaper!

What You’ll Be Winning


So, what do you stand to win, and how can you enter? We don’t want to give everything away at the outset, but the graphic above shows a selection of the prizes and hardware we’ll be giving away.

Every day, we’ll be posting a new article explaining what’s being given away, and offering details on how to enter. It could involve leaving a comment, posting a message on Twitter, or something a little more creative! To be sure that you don’t miss out on any of the festivities, be sure to follow us or subscribe:


Save the Date

savethedateEvery day in December is going to be exciting, but be sure to check back on the 24th December to take part in the final day of the promotion. We have over $1,000 worth of hardware and software prizes being given away on this day alone. Winners will be announced the same day, so we’ll be making Christmas extra special for a bunch of lucky readers!

We’re incredibly excited, and can’t wait to get the festivities under way tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s something to get you into the seasonal spirit…

Download the AppStorm Christmas Wallpapers

We’ve put together a selection of wallpapers for you to download. One shows a few examples of what you can expect from the next few weeks, and the rest are slightly simpler offerings for your Mac desktop! I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments.





Check back tomorrow when we’ll be kicking off with our first giveaway. Happy Christmas, and thanks for reading AppStorm!