WriteRoom Competition Winner

Thank you to all those who entered the WriteRoom competition – I’ve received a steady stream of entries via Twitter all week and have been kept thoroughly entertained with your messages! There were a number of great tweets, ranging from downright groveling to delightfully witty.

Read on for a selection of my favorite entries, along with the winning tweet.

A few of my favorites are:

  • I want to win WriteRoom because Darth Vader uses it on his Mac in the Death Star, to write his autobiography.
  • I want to win WriteRoom because I’m in the WrongRoom-can’t write in ThisRoom-need Writeroom – so write will be right… Write?
  • I want to win WriteRoom because the application I’m currently using to write my masterpiece only allows 140 characters at once.
  • I want to win WriteRoom because my desktop background is too distracting. Plus, it changes every thir-OOH CRAYONS!
  • I want to win WriteRoom because my college costs $30000 a year :S (that’s expensive!)

Unfortunately, we only have one copy of the app to give away and I did have to pick one winner. The tweet which will receive the WriteRoom license is:


Misspelled words are always entertaining, and this one really hit the nail on the head. Congratulations to the winner, thank you for all those who entered, and keep your eye on our RSS feed or Twitter for the next giveaway coming soon – a chance to win a copy of LittleSnapper!