Foodurama: Your Personal Nutrition Assistant

I hardly like to point it out but it’s now late January! The festivities of Christmas and the New Year have long since passed and some of us, in hindsight, are beginning to regret our delicious excess…

Gym membership is at an all time high and some of us may even consider the dreaded so-called ‘diet’. Deep down we all know that the only way to get healthy and lose unwanted weight is to work hard at eating well and actually doing some exercise! Fear not, there is help at hand. Could Foodurama be the perfect companion in our push towards a more healthy lifestyle?

Your Personal Nutrition Assistant

Foodurama is designed by the caring people at Synium, and helps you to be conscious of what you’re eating and its nutritional value. You simply enter the food you’ve been eating – and exercise you’ve been doing – and Foodurama does the rest!



By its own description, Foodurama is designed to help you:

  • Find out what your body needs.
  • Eat a more balanced diet.
  • Get to know a greater selection of foods/dishes.
  • Keep an eye on your weight.
  • Stick to special diets.

Getting Stuck In

First things first, enter some of the food you’ve been eating over the last day and any exercise you’ve done (this can include even small periods of activity, walking for example). On first glance the thought of doing this every day might seem a little daunting (not to mention time-consuming!), but let me quell your fears.

It’s immediately worth noting that Foodurama has an extensive library of food items, you can simply search and select from the list and all Foodurama needs to know is the quantity that you’ve eaten – so there’s no need to spend excessive amounts of time entering the detailed nutritional value of each meal.

Adding a meal

Adding a meal

In addition to entering any food you’ve eaten it’s also possible, and advisable, to enter periods of physical activity from your day. Foodurama can only make suggestions and recommendations based on the information you’re giving it – the more extensive and accurate the information, the better its suggestions and tracking will be.

Adding an exercise

Adding an exercise

The final information that Foodurama needs in order to truly help you track your progress are updates regarding your weight. The button Add State nestles next to New Dish and New Activity in the top right corner and, once clicked, allows you to add up-to-date details about yourself including:

  • Body fat
  • Waist
  • Weight
Adding a state

Adding a state

As I mentioned previously, it’s worth giving Foodurama all the information you can and updating fairly regularly – if you don’t already have weighing scales then this probably isn’t the app for you!

Improving Your Life

One thing you must bear in mind is that Foodurama can only fulfil its intended purpose if you commit to keeping it current and regularly entering details. If you reduce its functionality to simply tracking your weight then you are missing the most important features of Foodurama – there are certainly cheaper ways to track your weight!

If you do choose to commit then Foodurama begins to truly show its value, although it may take a week or more for it to compile enough information to make sensible nutritional recommendations.

A nutritional evaluation of your diet

A nutritional evaluation of your diet

Tracking your intake of calories, fat, carbs and protein is incredibly useful when trying to improve your health but Foodurama goes one step further. Based on your previous entries it can suggest foods and beverages that will complete your daily nutritional requirements – helping you achieve and maintain a more balanced diet while simultaneously introducing new healthy food options!

Making food recommendations

Making food recommendations

The targets within the App weren’t invented by Foodurama or plucked out of the air – all nutritional requirements are based on the recommendations of the WHO.


When considering whether Foodurama could be the way to a healthier lifestyle, its cost must be taken into account. Foodurama costs $29 as a single one-off payment, but is available to download beforehand – you can test out the functionality and features but you are limited to entering 30 meals.

I would definitely recommend trying it out before making a purchase, you should be able to tell relatively quickly whether it’s something that would truly benefit you or something that you would stop using after a week!

If you are making a concerted effort to eat and live more healthily, and you are someone for whom the detailed tracking of nutrition and exercise would be a great motivator, then I would argue that $29 is a small price to pay for such a helpful companion.

Final Thoughts

One criticism of Foodurama would be that while the database of food and drink items is 7,000+ items strong, it can be quite frustrating to use. It’s not as easy to search as it should be and makes finding some relatively simple items a bit of a trawl – after some customisation this does get easier and quicker!

In addition it’s worth noting that many of the food items are geared towards those living in the US – some very popular brand names (for UK consumers) are absent from the database thereby leaving you to find an appropriate alternative.

The food database

The food database

Although the interface is clear and everything is quickly accessible from a single screen, it would definitely benefit from more design polish and a greater use of colour, especially as you are likely to use it every day!

Most importantly however, the real functionality and idea behind Foodurama’s creation is genuinely great. Its inspirational aim to get you living a happier and healthier life without resorting to fad (celebrity) diets is honourable, and outworked effectively throughout the app.


Foodurama is your personal nutrition assistant! Track you food intake, exercise, and weight to get recommendations on how to improve your diet.