Great Games on the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store launched back in January last year and amongst apps from all categories, it’s home to a number of games from both indie and big name developers. From iOS games that have found their way to the Mac to new games created just for the App Store, the Mac App Store seems to definitely have been a positive development for Mac gaming, at least Mac casual gaming.

In this roundup, we’re going to highlight a few games that are both bestselling, highly rated, and personal standouts from the many games in the App Store today. We’d love to hear your own recommendations in the comments section below. For now, here’s some of our favorite App Store games.

The Angry Birds series – $4.99 each

Let’s be honest; whenever there’s an article about both games and the App Store, it’s going to mention Angry Birds at some point.

You know the story. Angry Birds sees you launch birds from a slingshot to destroy structures and kill the pigs that have stolen the birds’ eggs. In a quest to score as many points as possible, you’ll find bonus points in themed extras in the levels.

Through the Mac App Store, Rovio has brought the Angry Birds lineup – the original game, Seasons, Rio and Space – to the big-er screen allowing for all the bird-flinging, pig-hitting action you could want on your Mac. It can be really nice to pull up Angry Birds to interrupt your work when you need a break, so if you’ve got five dollars to spend it’s worth having this in your Applications folder.

Angry Birds

Plants vs Zombies – $9.99

Just like Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies is an iconic game of the App Store and one that was brought across to the Mac on the launch of the App Store. In the tower defence-style game, you place plants of varying abilities to fight off an oncoming thread of zombies, each with their own characteristics and unique properties.

As you play, you move to different parts of the house, encounter zombies of increased difficulties, new plants and the ability to purchase continually better powerups.

Plants vs Zombies

Civilization V – $29.99

Civilization V is a turn-based game that puts you in the place as a ruling force by establishing a civilization and leading it from humble beginnings into space by waging war and conducting diplomacy, discovering new technologies on the way.

Civilization V is a perfect usage example for in-app purchases with its first expansion pack, Gods and Kings, being available merely as an IAP.

Civilization V

Braid – $3.99

Braid is an indie game where you manipulate the flow of time to solve puzzles. We gave it a 9/10 in our review, with Kevin Whipps saying the game “is a blast to play, but it can be equally frustrating” and calling it not your typical game.

Braid sees protagonist Tim hunt for his princess (in what seems like a homage to the Mario franchise). In the effort to find her, he must complete a series of puzzles utilising time manipulation. Without playing the game, it’s a difficult concept to grasp so be sure to check out our full review of the game to understand more.


BioShock 2 – $24.99

BioShock 2 is a first person shooter set in an underwater dystopia named Rapture, following the events of BioShock, the first game in the series which is also available in the Mac App Store. In the game, you play a “Big Daddy” named Subject Delta paired with a “Little Sister” that you’ve been mentally conditioned to protect. It’s a horror and not to everyone’s taste but it’s received positive reviews holding an 88 Metacritic score.

BioShock 2

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – $39.99

It’s not a new title and, for its age, it’s fairly expensive but Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare brings the blockbuster first person shooter franchise to the Mac. CoD 4: MW, originally released in late 2007, takes place in 2011 where a movement in Russia has prompted a civil war and you naturally play a part in it. There’s a multiplayer portion too, featuring the gameplay between players that the series has became known for.

Be warned of the various technical requirements for the game, however, which are all listed in the App Store description.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

LEGO series – Varies

There’s a number of LEGO games available on the Mac App Store, including ones from the LEGO Harry Potter series, LEGO Star Wars series, LEGO Batman, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and LEGO Indiana Jones. All are worth checking out, naturally dependent on which movie franchises you’re most interested in, with varying prices at around $20 each.

I’ve played LEGO Star Wars before and the combination of the style of the toy with the storyline of one of these epic movie franchises makes for entertaining gameplay. Be sure to give them a try!

LEGO Star Wars Saga

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – $19.99

Star Wars fans pay attention! Knights of the Old Republic is available on the Mac via the App Store.

Set four thousand years before the Galactic Empire, you, the last hope of the Jedi, must lead freedom fighters into a struggle to save the galaxy. In a journey that spans seven worlds including Tatooine and Korriban, you’ll be able to choose from nine customizable characters including humans, droids and Wookiees.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


So there you have it: 8 great Mac App Store games to keep you entertained for hours. As mentioned before, if you’ve got your own recommendations of great games on the Mac App Store, be sure to share them in the comments below! And stay tuned for more great gaming coverage this month from Mac.AppStorm!