‘Inside Apple’ Extracts Published By Fortune Magazine

Its products are ubiquitous around the world and each announcement from the company generates huge press attention, frantic tweeting and unparalleled excitement. But up till now, hardly anything is known about what actually goes on inside Apple’s core and how the company functions. The company is known for being one of the most secretive on the planet and even employes an internal security service – or Worldwide Loyalty Team (dubbed the Apple Gestapo by some employees) to investigate internal leaks.

However, despite this, Fortune Magazine has just published a long extract from its Adam Lashinsky’s upcoming book Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired – And Secretive – Company Really Works, giving us average Joes on the outside a brief insight into one of the world’s most mysterious technology companies. The book, which is due to be published on January 25th and has been written by Fortune Magazine’s editor-at-large, is based partly on numerous interviews conducted by Lashinsky as well as an investigative report he did for the magazine in August of last year.


Apple is known for its internal secrecy however Lashinsky's upcoming book may give us a peek into Cupertino's own lion's den

An extract of the book (the full extract is available on the source link) describes the process new Apple employees have to go through. They are expected to be able to connect their newly issued Macs to the corporate network without any additional help, are taught by executives that the hype around new product launches is worth “millions of dollars” to Apple and that the penalty for revealing Apple secrets is “swift termination”. In the book, Lashinsky describes how Apple employees are given no absolute trust at the start:

For new recruits, keeping secrets begins even before they learn which building they’ll be working in. Many employees are hired into so‑called dummy positions, roles that aren’t explained in detail until after they join the company. “They wouldn’t tell me what it was,” remembered a former engineer who had been a graduate student before joining Apple. “I knew it was related to the iPod, but not what the job was.”

The book also describes how one employee dubbed Apple “the ultimate need-to-know culture” and how Steve Jobs warned executives that any disclosure of secrets would not only result in immediate termination but would also result in a full prosecution from Apple’s own team of lawyers.

Head over to the full article on Fortune Magazine for a deeper insight. The book will be published on January 25th and can be pre-ordered from Amazon US for $16.92. The book will also be available in Kindle and iBooks format, both priced at $12.99.