Logitech’s k760 Wireless Solar Keyboard: Typing Freedom

Here at AppStorm, we consider our keyboards to be one of the most vital tools a writer can and should have at his or her disposal. While, yes, we often take our keyboards for granted, sometimes we remember why the keyboard is such a paramount instrument to our day-to-day operations —¬†heck, this article was written thanks to one great keyboard.

What keyboard is that, you ask? Well, It is Logitech’s k760 Wireless Solar Keyboard. This baby is Logitech’s answer for having one keyboard for all your devices, be it your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. But. Should this keyboard be your next? After receiving a review unit from Logitech, we had to find out for ourselves.

Editor’s Note: We don’t usually cover hardware and accessories, but some (like the Doxie) seem like they’re worth checking out further in an AppStorm review. Hope you enjoy this review!

k760’s Main Features


Looks familiar?

Powered by light: The most prominent feature of the k760 Wireless Solar Keyboard is of course the solar aspect of it. Without it, you would just have a normal wireless keyboard. While that is perfectly fine, it would defeat the purpose of this keyboard.

The advantages of this ability are plenty: You don’t have to worry about looking for batteries, you don’t have to worry about buying batteries, you don’t have to worry about the keyboard dying on you (because more often than not it will be completely charged and ready to go), you don’t have to worry about charging it every once in a while, and you don’t have to think about any of the things above: just type.


The Bluetooth keys.

Easy Switching: Another of k760’s awesome features is the power to switch between devices flawlessly with the push of a button, and as advertised, this feature works like a charm.

To switch from a paired Mac or iPad, all you have to do is press one of the three Bluetooth buttons. The blinking blue light will indicate that the keyboard is attempting to connect to your Apple device. Once the key is solid blue (for a few seconds), you’re ready to use the keyboard with the selected device.

This process takes about three seconds and it is painless. Also, the keys are extremely accessible, but you won’t be pressing them by mistake, so worry not. At the end of the day, if you want a keyboard that works on all your Apple devices with the ability to effortlessly switch between three different Bluetooth machines, this keyboard has your back.

k760’s Aesthetics


Slim profile: check.

Because Logitech built this keyboard to be used with Apple products, they decided to stylize k760 to match other Apple peripherals. This decision is both a hit and a miss.

This keyboard has a plastic surface that looks like aluminum, with white keys, and a white back. It all matches how other Apple keyboards are styled, but if you take a closer look, you will notice where Logitech missed.

You see, on top of the plastic surface that gives you the illusion of aluminum, other parts of the keyboard are not as well designed as Apple’s own keyboards. Don’t get me wrong, it is a sturdy keyboard with good looks, but it could be much better.

For example, the white back surrounds the surface leaving an ugly border around the keyboard. Also, the back has a detachable side that basically breaks the previously mentioned border in half; it looks as though the keyboard is broken or cracked.

k760’s Perks and Ergonomics


Perhaps the white iPad would go better with this keyboard…

This review can’t go on without mentioning how cool it is to have this keyboard, and if you are a lazy person, this keyboard is a laziness enabler. Just think about it: you have one keyboard to control all your machines while you’re comfortably sitting in one place instantaneously switching from one device to the next.

That is not all though. This keyboard is geared towards Apple machines, but if you want, you can also pair it with a PS3 (and most likely other Bluetooth gadgets). Currently,¬†the keyboard used to write this review is paired with a Macbook Pro, an iPhone 4, and a PS3. This means that laziness is in an all time high. One could sit on their desk magically type on their computer, and in the next second, they could browse Netflix on a PS3 without having to move or switch to the PS3’s DualShock 3 controller. Magic.

This keyboard also contains Mac-centric keys that let you control volume, Mission Control, and other OS X features. Sadly, not all keys are perfect. For example, the F6 and F7 keys (brightness controls) don’t work out of the box on this machine (a 2007 Macbook Pro). This has to do with OS X settings, though.

In another note, the feel of the keys themselves are less springy than your standard Apple Keyboard. They also feature a concave finish that while it may work for some, it may throw others off. Someone with an older Macbook Pro with concave keys will most likely enjoy this keyboard.


The k760 Wireless Solar Keyboard is perhaps one of the most hassle-free, “it just works” keyboards for all of your Apple devices. Although this keyboard isn’t perfect, it’s hard to think that bad of it, considering it’s so handy with no batteries and instant connectivity to multiple devices. If you’ve ever tried to pair your Apple wireless keyboard with another device other than the one you use it with primarily, you’ll know how handy that feature can be. The good more than outbalances the bad, and if you’re looking for a new wireless keyboard, it’d be wise to give this one a consideration.


Wireless solar keyboard for Mac, iPhone, iPad.