Run Wildly With Demolition Dash

As more iOS games are ported to OS X, the library of games in the Mac App Store keeps getting larger. Unfortunately for OS X users, this means that many games in the store were meant for smaller screens, limited controls, and “on-the-go” experiences. Granted, some developers do enhance your experience when porting a game over to OS X, but a lot of them don’t.

Keeping that in mind, let’s talk about Demolition Dash. This somewhat adorable platformer from dreamfab and Chimera Entertainment is one of those ported-to-the-Mac games that sometimes lacks the compelling factor a game should have on a non-mobile platform, but it can also provide a quick fix to your gaming needs.


Demolition Dash

Demolition Dash is your typical platformer. While there aren’t any crazy formulas implemented into this game to make it stand out from others like it, the title does manage to entertain and provide you with a few “that was cool” moments.

In the game, you take control of Zilla — a little red monster with a cute face and the need to destroy everything in its path. This little red monster will take you across eight different places around the globe as you help him cause havoc, and that is pretty much it. The game. unlike its iOS counterpart, doesn’t have achievements that can be shared with friends via Facebook or Twitter, nor does it have an online high score list, so there is no long-term motivation to complete any challenges. The game doesn’t feature some kind of reward once you’ve completed a challenge either, so again, there isn’t much else to see here.


Demolition Dash

throughout your trek alongside your buddy Zilla, you will be sent to various places around the world, and see many landmarks in key cities. This is one of the nicest things you get to do in Demolition Dash because it offers an artsy graphical style, a bit cartoonish if you will. If you are playing with the family, you can introduce parts of the world to the little ones this way.

Demolition Dash

The only complain here is that while the backgrounds and building graphics change according to your location, obstacles and cops don’t change their look. This makes you forget about the fact that you are not in the same place over and over again, since your focus will be entirely with all the objects you’re interacting with.


Demolition Dash

When it comes to gameplay, Demolition Dash is a hit and miss. The game is fun, the game’s mechanics are great, but it just feels like there should be more — specially when the developers are asking you for three bucks.

Controls are absurdly simple; there are only two keys that control the game: jumping and roaring. That means that you don’t actually control movement, Zilla just runs through the stage by himself and all you do is make him jump and roar. This is awesome for those who like the “jump n run” style games where you can do speed runs, but others will find it daunting or precarious.

Demolition Dash

The upside to this is that you get four random “power-ups” throughout some of your runs. These actually make you feel a bit powerful for a few seconds. They can vary from wings that allow you to fly over every obstacle, to red stars that transform you into GodZilla making you invincible for a while. When that happens, you start to appreciate the game a bit more.


While it works great for a mobile, on-the-go experience, Demolition Dash makes it a bit hard to recommend for a computer experience. However, the game does have its entertaining moments, and to some gamers out there who enjoy games like this one, they can feel right at home.

Nevertheless, Demolition Dash asking price weighs in at three bucks. That is reasonable to some, but with the sea of games available, it will really come down to your appreciation for this genre.


Demolition Dash is a unique platformer with stunning new gameplay features. Take control of the tiny monster Zilla and annihilate everything in sight on your way through eight famous cities.