Thanks to Our June Sponsors!

We’d like to say a special Thank you! to our weekly sponsors from June for sponsoring our site and for the great apps they make. If you would like to feature your app on our site with an advertisement, be sure to check out our available slots on BuySellAds or register for a weekly sponsorship for your app.

If you haven’t already checked out our the great apps that sponsored our site last month, be sure to check them out now!

Postbox 3

Your email app is one of the most important apps on your Mac, since email is likely the main way you communicate and collaborate with your colleagues. But all email apps aren’t created equal, and while there’s many out there, they all don’t include the features you need. Postbox 3 is the email app you need to try if you haven’t found one to fit your needs yet. It’s got tight Gmail integration, conversation view with inline Quick Reply, Evernote and Dropbox integration, and more.

Visual Watermark

Need a quick way to watermark all of your photos to protect your copyright online? Look no further than Visual Watermark. It’s an easy-to-use professional watermarking app that incluedes over 10 integrated composite watermarks, 250 built-in fonts, an interactive Watermark Designer, and more. You’ll be able to design unique watermarks, preview how they look on your pictures, add it to all your pictures at once, then save it for future use, all in a modern UI that makes it straightforward to use.

Nektony Utilities

Need to keep your Mac’s hard disks clean and working great? Nektony’s Utilities are what you need. They have ClearDisk to clean up your startup disk in few clicks, Disk Inspector to analyze your disk space with a beautiful interface that makes travelling through your hard drive spectacular and very effective, and their flagship app Disk Expert that can help you manage and sort through your files.


Even if you’re a genius, it’s impossible to remember everything possible about all the programming languages and libraries you need to know to build a successful app. Instead, you likely end up Googling answers as you go along, or have to dig though several different documentation sets in different apps at the same time. There’s no reason to waste time like that.

That’s why you need Dash, the must-have documentation app for the Mac. It’ll make your life easier by keeping all of the documentation you need right at your fingertips. Dash supports 80+ API documentation sets, ranging from Cocoa and Android to HTML and CSS, so regardless of what language or framework you’re using, Dash has you covered.

And a special thanks to you, our readers, for reading and sharing our articles. We couldn’t do it without you!

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