Thanks to Our October Weekly Sponsors

We’d like to say a special Thank you! to our weekly sponsors from October for sponsoring our site and for the great apps they make. If you would like to feature your app on our site with an advertisement, be sure to check out our available slots on BuySellAds or register for a weekly sponsorship for your app.

If you haven’t already checked out our the great apps that sponsored our site last month, be sure to check them out now!


Need a great way to keep up with your notes from school or college? CourseNotes might be the app you’ve been needing. It helps you keep track of all of your notes for each class, and lets you study on the go with companion iOS apps. From lecture notes to class schedules to team study groups, CourseNotes has you covered with everything you’ll need to keep up with your classes on your Mac.

Last5 Time Tracker

Keeping track of where your time goes throughout the day can be difficult and frustrating. Last5 Time Tracker simplifies it by letting you add buttons for the activities you commonly do on the computer. Then, you can just tap the button when you have a chance to quickly record how you’ve been spending your time. You can use Last5 from your iPhone or PC as well to keep track of your time no matter where you’re working.


If you take your music seriously, you’ll want to make sure all of your songs have all of the correct tags and metadata so you can find the song you want easily on your computer. iTunes’ built in tagging options leave a lot to be desired, which is why you might want to give Yate a try. You can import tagging info from MusicBrainz or Discogs, or bulk add your own tags to your songs, no matter what audio format they’re in.

Snapheal 2.0

There’s no excuse for not fixing your photos with Snapheal 2.0. The simple photo editor that has topped App Store charts is now more powerful and easier to use than ever. Snapheal removes unwanted objects from pictures, fixes skin imperfections and restores damaged photos faster and better than many expensive photo editing apps. With the new 2.0 update, it got even more cool features, including 3X faster erasing, a smart lasso for better selection, new algorithm for erasing big objects and skin healing, Clarity and 15 other new retouching tools, as well as Mountain Lion, Retina Display, and iCloud support.

Jaksta for Mac

Have you ever wanted to save streaming audio and video to your Mac so you can watch and listen to it anytime later? Sounds like you need Jaksta for Mac. Just open Jaksta, start your media playing, and Jaksta will automatically record it and save it in the formats you want. It works with most standard streaming formats on tons of popular sites, and can even add the recorded media to your iTunes library so you can easily watch or listen to it later.

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