Thanks to Our Sponsor: Colossus

The Activity Monitor in OS X Mavericks has been nicely redesigned, but it’s still far from enough for anyone who wants to keep up with their Mac’s real-time stats. For a detailed overview of how your Mac is actually performing, you’ll ideally need the stats you want in your menubar or in a condensed window that shows just the stats you want to see together. That’s why you need Colossus, our sponsor this week.

Colossus is an advanced system monitor for your Mac that makes it simple to keep on top of the most important stats. For just $3.99, it lets you keep tabs on your Mac’s CPU activity, memory, download and upload speeds, battery, storage, and temperatures with an optional addon in your menubar, a floating window, or a customizable dock icon. You can keep track of as few or as many stats as you want, in the places you want.

No matter what stats you pick to be shown in the menubar and Colossus’ animated Dock icon, you can always jump into all of your Mac’s stats from the app’s full-featured floating window view that can optionally float over every other app on your desktop. There, you’ll find collapsing views that show your summary stats for every part of your Mac at a glance with more detailed info on click. Combine that with the customizable menubar and dock icon, and you’ve got the perfect monitoring app for your Mac.

Get a Copy of Colossus Today!

Colossus is a brilliant and simple way to keep up with your Mac’s stats, and it’s far cheaper than the competition while including the features and performance you need. Get your copy of Colossus from the Mac App Store for just $3.99, and start keeping up better with how your Mac and internet connection are performing.

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