Thanks to Our Sponsor: Gemini

It’s so easy to get your Mac cluttered with duplicate files, ones you’d likely overlook or never even know existed when you need to free up space on your Mac. That’s why you need MacPaw’s beautiful duplicate file remover Gemini, our sponsor this week.

Gemini scans your entire Mac — including your iTunes and iPhoto libraries, your download folders, and more — and finds all of your duplicate files. It then makes it simple to select the files you want to remove with the brand-new selection toolbar that lets you choose to remove the newest or oldest copies, and lets you select multiple duplicates at once for removal. You can even make it work just like you want, by setting file extensions and folders to ignore, so it’ll only find the duplicates you want to remove. It’s simple and fast, and makes it as easy as possible to get rid of the duplicates on your Mac.

We loved Gemini when we reviewed it last year, but since then it’s gotten even better. The latest version will also scan your Mail downloads folder, somewhere most of us wouldn’t think to check for duplicate files. It also makes it easier to remove multiple pairs of duplicates at once, can identify empty folders, and includes a brand-new tutorial that’ll help you get the most out of it. It’s the app you need to get rid of your duplicate files.

Get Your Copy of Gemini Today!

Ready to get rid of all the duplicate files on your Mac and reclaim the space on your cramped SSD? Then head over to MacPaw’s website, and download a free trial of Gemini today. You can then buy a copy from the MacPaw Store or from the Mac App Store for $9.99.

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