Thanks to Our Sponsor: Nektony Utilities

Nektony, our sponsor this week, is a company focused on creating simple and intuitive business applications. Among others there is significant line of products that started Nektony’s history – its file and disk management utilities. If you want to keep your Mac’s hard drive or SSD organized and cleaned, they’re the apps you need.


ClearDisk is a great app to clean up your startup disk in few clicks. It helps you to get rid of “straggler” files that remain after applications usage – Cashes and Logs – as well as unwanted Language Resources for localizations in various countries. At the same time you can quickly manage your Trash and Downloads folders during the same interaction with the app. So ClearDisk is great for quick plain cleanup of most clogged system folders.

Disk Inspector is a disk space analyzer with a beautiful interface that makes travelling through your hard drive spectacular and very effective. Inspector represents file system in a form of sunburst diagram, where biggest sectors represent biggest files and folders; its special color-representing algorithm makes this process simpler and just fun. It is also able to scan any type of disks and drives, even folders with FileVault protection. Disk Inspector will be extremely useful if you need to find and delete unnecessary files and folders.

Disk Expert – Nektony’s flagship application – is an elder brother of Disk Inspector that has even more specific features that will be extremely useful during general file management. For every folder, Expert creates list of 25 biggest files, which changes during navigating. You can form “drop lists” of files from different folders and transfer them together to external drive or just to Trash at once. Furthermore, instead of scanning only full disks, it could scan custom folders and display hidden and system files. Disk Expert is like a surgical knife to perform operations of any complexity for any disk.

So don’t waist your time and energy on organizing of your hard drives! Let family of Nektony disk utilities to do all the nasty jobs for you.

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