Thanks to Our Sponsor: Ondesoft AudioBook Converter

Our sponsor this week is Ondesoft AudioBook Converter, a great tool that can help you listen to your audiobooks wherever you want. It removes the DRM on standard audiobooks and converts them into the format you need for your player.

It’s frustrating to find audiobooks that can work just like you want, as most are locked down with DRM and won’t play on your car stereo or many portable devices directly. Often you could burn them to CDs, then rip them as mp3, but that’d be a slow, tedious process and you’d have to manually label each track.

That’s where Ondesoft AudioBook Converter comes in. It can convert your audiobooks into any of the most popular audio formats at 16x. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, but with advanced bitrate, sample rate, codec, and more controls to make it work just as you want. Best of all, it’ll automatically transfer all of the metadata, so your converted audiobooks will have everything the original DRMed files had.

Go Get It!

If Ondesoft AudioBook Converter sounds like just what you’ve been needing, then there’s no need to wait. You can download a free trial directly from Ondesoft and see if it’s what you need. Then, if you’re ready to buy a copy, you can purchase it directly for just $14.97, 50% off the normal price, by clicking this link or by entering the coupon code AppStorm at checkout. Hurry, though: the discount expires on November 30th!

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