Thanks to Our Sponsor: Pagico

Most of us need to use several productivity apps every day: one for todos, one for notes and files, and maybe another for your projects and more. Having to switch back and forth between these separate apps is a drag: it’s hard to make connections between dots, and your data is scattered all over the place. Pagico, our sponsor this week, is here to help.

Pagico is like GTD with data management capability – it not only manages tasks, but also notes and files. By neatly organizing everything by projects, you can have your vacation itineraries stored right next to restaurant menus, or action items right on top of meeting notes. Things can also be stored by contacts, allowing you to keep track of person-specific stuff. Best of all, since your projects, tasks and contacts are stored in one place, you can cross-link everything: task-to-person, task-to-note, note-to-files, project-to-project, project-to-person … you get the idea.

Even though things are organized in projects and contacts, deadlines won’t be overlooked as Pagico presents all your schedule data in a visually intuitive flowchart. It’s like having a bird’s eye view of your schedule.

Pagico also syncs via the cloud. You can have your data available on all your computers and iOS devices. Or, you can also set up Workspaces for your team and share data among your colleagues.

Pagico for Desktop 6 is a major update. It’s fast, Retina-Ready, GTD-compliant, and its built-in cloud sync is specifically designed for personal sharing (data sync across multiple computers and iOS devices) and small team collaboration.

Go Get It!

Pagico 6 is an incredibly exciting step forward for the app, and whether you’ve never tried it before or are already using an older version, you should definitely try it out. You can download a free 15 day trial of Pagico to try it out, then you can purchase a copy for your Mac for $50. Best of all, you can run it on your Windows or Ubuntu PC, too, so you can keep your info together with Pagico even if you’re away from your Mac.

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