Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: Jaksta Music Miner

Our sponsor this week is Jaksta Music Miner, an app that makes it incredibly simple to record streaming audio on your Mac. If you’ve ever wanted to record audio from a live conference or an online radio broadcast, you’ll love Jaksta Music Miner.

Jaksta Music Miner makes it incredibly easy to record any audio you come across online. Just start Jaksta Music Miner and set it to monitor your audio. Then, start playing the audio you want to record in your browser, and Jaksta will automatically recognize it and save it to your computer. It’s that easy.

Once your audio is recorded, Jaksta Music Miner will automatically tag the audio with relevant metadata and save it to your iTunes library. Now, all you’ll have to do is sync it with your mobile devices or play it directly from your Mac whenever you want to listen to it again.

Go Get It!

If you’ve been looking for a great way to record streaming audio on your Mac, then you should definitely try out Jaksta Music Miner. You can download a free trial, which will let you record 10 streaming songs to your Mac. Then, when you’re ready to purchase a copy, you can get it for just $14.95 this week, 25% off its normal price, with the coupon NOV-JMM25. Just enter that coupon code in the Source Code field on the order form, click recalculate, and you’ll see the discount applied to your order.

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