Thanks to Our Weekly Sponsor: NetUse Traffic Monitor

We’d like to take a moment to say a big thank you to this week’s sponsor, NetUse Traffic Monitor.

NetUse provides the best way to monitor your network traffic on the Mac. Utilizing the SNMP feature of any modern Internet router or gateway, NetUse monitors and collects real-time Internet usage statistics for all the computers in your home or office that share an Internet connection. Many ISPs have started to cap your Internet usage and NetUse is here to provide network usage statistics in a simple and elegant way.

Reasons to love NetUse

Simple and Easy to Understand Statistics
NetUse Traffic Monitor provides a simple and easy to understand real-time Internet usage monitoring not only for your personal computer but the whole your network.

Tracks Your Internet Usage and Saves Your Money
Skip the surprises at the end of the month with huge bills and calls to ISPs to find out that Internet usage exceeded your current monthly usage allowance. Monitor your usage and surf the Internet at your own pace.

Easy to Use and Feature Rich
NetUse is a powerhouse under the hood, yet it’s easy to setup and use. The configuration assistant illuminates complicated configurations and in most network setups, NetUse just auto-configures itself!

Huge Supported Hardware List
NetUse works great with Apple’s routers as well as any SNMP enabled hardware either consumer or enterprise level. NetUse features full SNMP support including version 1, 2c and 3.

Free Hardware Compatibility Test
Check out the free SNMP test utility to test your network setup ensuring NetUse will work before you buy the app.

Go Get It!

NetUse has recently released an amazing update with full MacOS Lion support, greatly enhanced hardware support, an redesigned configuration wizard and an improved user interface.

Check out NetUse on the Mac App Store and start tracking your Internet usage to save your money.