Using your iPhone as Wireless Headphones

If you’re anything like me, you commonly find that most earphones simply don’t have a long enough cable. Being tethered to a short wire can be surprisingly frustrating. Fortunately there’s a way to stay completely tangle-free, wirelessly streaming audio to your iPhone using an application called AirPhones.

No matter whether you’re three or thirty feet away from your Mac, providing both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network you’re able to listen to any computer audio remotely. This walkthrough will explain how to get started along with a few tips and tricks to get the most from the system.

What is AirPhones?

AirPhones is a $5 iPhone/iPod touch application, available through the App Store. It connects to your Mac, and can stream audio wirelessly to your iPhone earphones. It works with any application, so it’s suitable for listening to music, watching video, or even talking over software such as Skype.

Getting Set Up

You’ll need to download both the iPhone app and desktop software. Launch the application on your Mac, ensure that both devices are connected to the same network, then proceed to open the app on your iPhone.

If everything goes to plan you should hear a friendly “ping”, followed by this prompt:

Connecting to your Mac

Connecting to your Mac

Accept the connection, and audio will begin streaming immediately. Simple! The iPhone interface is remarkably clutter-free, containing only a volume slider to control the level of sound.

A few extra preferences are available for altering AirPhones settings on the Mac:

AirPhones Preferences

AirPhones Preferences

The AirPhones server can be turned off if you’d like to resume listening to audio directly on your Mac, and you can adjust whether or not the application will display an icon in the Dock.

Working Without a Wi-Fi Network

From time-to-time, you may find yourself in a place without an available Wi-Fi network. Your Mac has the ability to create one, through clicking the Airport menu bar icon and selecting “Create Network…”

Creating a Network

Creating a Network

After creating a network you’ll be able to connect directly from your iPhone. AirPhones will pick up the device, and you can listen away to your heart’s content!


At present the audio passed through AirPhones is mono only. This is a seemingly unusual limitation, as the connection speed of a Wi-Fi network is certainly more than capable of supporting much better quality audio. You’re also likely to experience a (very) slight amount of latency, which can be a little annoying when watching video.

AirPhones2 is scheduled for release before the end of May, which should offer superior sound quality and virtually no latency. The update will be free for those who have already purchased the app.


If you don’t want to be constrained by wires, AirPhones offers a low budget alternative to purchasing a pair of wireless headphones. Setting up is simple, and can work well whether or not an external Wi-Fi network is available. A few quality issues do mar the experience at present, but these are likely to be fixed in the near future.

If Apple do announce background application support in the near future, AirPhones would become a great deal more useful. Streaming audio to your phone whilst controlling playback through Apple’s Remote App could be a fantastic wireless solution!