App Deals This Week

The holidays have come and passed and here we are again with those trusty deals for the week. You would think that cheap prices didn’t live through the end of the winter holidays, but they have. We’ve got some utilities, text editors, and music players waiting for you after the break.


Packaged in an iPhone-like interface, Pinna offers a smaller, more focused way to play music. It possesses a layout very similar to the older Music app of the iPhone’s. That’s great for quickly navigating your iTunes library, rather than browsing artwork and other fancy things that the full app provides. There are even some cool little features like automatic pausing when the headphones are unplugged, and Scrobbling. If you’re looking for something minimal as an alternative to iTunes or want to try out something different, Pinna is a great little app, especially for free.

Price: $1.99 » Free
Requires: OS X 10.6.6 or later with a 64-bit processor
Developer: Roundabout


Another music app comes to us this week, this time from Jose Manuel Cabral. It’s called TurnMode, and its purpose is to make your travels — close and far — a lot easier. First, you customize the included modes to your personal preference. There are options for turning the WiFi on or off, setting a location, switching the volume to mute or a certain volume, and adjusting the brightness of the screen. All this is a sort of economy utility for your Mac, but it’s not yet complete. Hopefully the developer will add some more options to what you can do. In the meantime, grab TurnMode while it’s free.

Price: $1.99 » Free
Requires: OS X 10.6.7 or later with a 64-bit processor
Developer: Jose Manuel Cabral


Stop using and switch to a native app. This one’s called Bellhop and it wants to help you book your hotels with ease. There’s an integrated map for browsing, search tools with amenities and sorting options, TripAdvisor ratings, pictures, and more inside a beautiful user interface. If you’re planning a trip soon, spending 99 cents on Bellhop may be worth it. Especially since it’s usually $9.99.

Price: $9.99 » $0.99
Requires: OS X 10.7 or later with a 64-bit processor
Developer: Conceited Software

The Archive Browser

Instead of unzipping a file, why not check what’s inside? It’s a more secure way to go about your business. That’s when a tool like The Archive Browser comes in. It lets you sort through the files and find what you want to extract before you spend time unzipping the entire archive. The supported formats include ZIP, RAR, StuffIt, and even ISO, among many others. You can also browse the comments on an archive if someone included a few words when they compressed it. Sound useful? It’s only $1.99.

Price: $3.99 » $1.99
Requires: OS X 10.6 or later
Developer: Dag Agren

MultiMarkdown Composer

Markdown is everywhere, but MultiMarkdown isn’t. There are a lot of great uses for its extra options like tables, footnotes, and “smart” characters (right and left quotes instead of straight ones). The one greatest editor for this syntax on Mac is MultiMarkdown Composer. Its developers are devoted to the life of the app and it has received consistent updates, with version 2.0 rolling out very shortly. That means the old version gets a special price. If you don’t mind the older features for only $4.99, this is for you.

Price: $9.99 » $4.99
Requires: OS X 10.6 or later
Developer: MultiMarkdown Software

Until Next Week?

That’s all for this week. Let us know if you have any deal findings of your own and please provide some feedback on the deals this week. We hope to see you again next time!