App Deals This Week

The Mac App Store is rife with price cuts this week, so come take your bounty from Mac.AppStorm’s deals.

FX Photo Studio Pro

Last week, Snapheal, another app by the developer of FX Photo Studio Pro, was on sale. It was a universal photo editor that did every photo some good. Photo Studio Pro is more focused on being an Adobe Lightroom competitor: it makes editing very simple with lots of presets and beautiful filters. From selective black and white to HDR-esque looks, the 173 presets and filters, 40 frames, and 20 other “professional” editing tools make this app great for amateurs who just want to touch up a photo quickly.

Price: $39.99 » $18.99
Requires: OS X 10.6 or later
Developer: MacPhun LLC


Email notifications are a trinket of the old days. In modern times, the standard is RSS or Atom feeds for everything. Feeds combines all the feeds that you add to it — whether it be the two above or Dribbble, Basecamp, GitHub, Trello, and more — and displays them nicely in your menu bar. Whenever someone on Dribbble posts a new creation, you’ll see it in the feed. If a project on Basecamp is underway, you’ll see its progress in the feed. Feeds supports many protocols and services right now, but if there’s one left off the list, notify the developer.

Price: $4.99 » $2.99
Requires: OS X 10.6 or later
Developer: Spotlight Mobile


Well-designed apps are, to say the least, desirable. Taking things further, if one app is more beautiful than another and also has more features, it’s typically denoted best in class. MoneyBag is no exception. The app is a masterpiece in the money management market. It’s aimed at helping every type of person organize a budget better. There are also iOS apps coming soon so all your activity can be seen across devices. At 67 percent off, the only reason not to get this app is if you already own other financial management software.

Price: $59.99 » $19.99
Requires: OS X 10.6 or later
Developer: MoneyBag


If you enjoy distraction-free writing, Markdown, or just love text editors, then this app is a must. It’s been on sale since June, but the developer decided it’s time for the 50 percent off tag to go away, so it’s your last chance to grab Byword. Tessa Thorton originally reviewed the app here last year and gave it a 9/10. I’ve been using it as my main text editor since it released, often writing all my reviews with it. There are some who would say that iA Writer is better, but the text is just too big to concentrate on a whole paragraph. Byword has a wide variety of fonts and a dark theme, so give it a try.

Price: $9.99 » $4.99
Requires: OS X 10.6 or later
Developer: Metaclassy Lda

Bundle Hunt “Mega Fall Bundle”

Last, but not least, is a grand bundle from Bundle Hunt. The autumn edition consists of Kinemac, Moneywell, Printopia, MailTags, PDFClerk Pro, GarageSale, Interarchy, a user interface pack from Impressionist, two e-books from SitePoint, four premium WordPress themes of choice from Tokokoo, and four responsive themes of choice from ThemeSpectrum. This isn’t just full of Mac apps, you see, for there are Web design tools and books too. The bundle costs $49.99 and the software is valued at $1,209, so it might be worth grabbing sometime in the next few days.

Did We Miss Anything?

Are there any other great deals out there this week? Let us know in the comments. We’ll see you next Wednesday!