App Store Deals This Week: 3 – 10 April 2012

There are plenty of deals to be had on the App Store, however with such a huge number of apps, it is impossible to scout out the best ones without a bit of help. Well, that’s where we come in! From now on, Mac AppStorm will be publishing every Wednesday a weekly roundup of some great deals on the App Store, such as apps that are free or reduced for a certain time.


Status Barred Icon

Status Barred

Status Barred automatically crops any screenshots taken in iOS (either on the iPhone or iPad) and removes the status bar – allowing for clean, professional screenshots without any network information or battery status getting in the way. It is a great little tool for reviewers, freelance writers and app developers and can save you a lot of time and effort.

Price: € 0.79 – free
Developer: Vivex Software Ltd
App Store link: Status Barred

MediaShare Icon


MediaShare allows you to set up your Mac as a uPNP server, meaning you can stream multimedia (photos, videos and audio) content to compatible devices, such as AcePlayer (on iPhone and iPad), AirAV, AceMusic and to the PlayStation 3.

Price: € 4.99 – free
Developer: RanySoft
App Store link: MediaShare



AudioCapture allows you to capture sounds from a variety of sources on OS X, including a built-in microphone, an external USB camera or, if your Mac doesn’t have an iSight/FaceTime webcam, an external web cam. The app features a 31-band equaliser, allowing you to tweak your tunes to your liking and is very minimalist and simple to use.

Price: € 3.99 – free
Developer: Kandalu Software Ltd.
App Store link: AudioCapture

Universal Translator

Universal Translator

Universal Translator is a great implementation of Google Translate in an easy-to-use Mac app. It supports up to 50 different languages and can automatically detect the input language. If speech is supported by Google Translate, then you can ask the app to speak out your translation in a native (but slightly robotic-sounding) voice. Be aware, though, that translations may not be perfect however it is a great (and free) little Mac app, even for just looking up odd words.

Price: € 3.99 – free
Developer: NibiruTech Limited
App Store link: Universal Translator


PhotoEnhancer Core

If you’ve got some digital photos that are looking a little tired, then why spend money on expensive computer software to touch them up? PhotoEnhancer Core lets you get the best out of your digital photos such as colour and brightness optimisation to make sure they are looking presentable. The app supports batch processing and there’s a range of automatic filters built in as well. Although it won’t give as good results as Aperture, for example, for simply touching up a few holiday snaps it’s a nifty little (and free) app.

Price: € 2.99 – free
Developer: Kandalu Software Ltd.
App Store link: PhotoEnhancer Core