Free App Store Deals This Week

As always every Wednesday, here are our weekly picks of the best (and free) deals on the App Store for this week.

Happy downloading!



Typ-O is perfect for anyone who writes a lot on their Mac and features a powerful word prediction engine that guesses the next word that you are going to type, thereby saving you time by making you type less! There is also a text-to-speech function which will read out either the app’s suggestions for words or the sentence you’ve just written and features a sophisticated spell checking system, ensuring a flawless document. The app is a pretty hefty install (around 550 MB) but is a real steal, so get it whilst it’s still hot and free!

Price: € 7.99 – free
Developer: SecondGuess ApS
App Store link: Typ-O


PDF Toolkit

PDF Toolkit allows you to manipulate your PDF files far more than you can do in Apple’s Preview. You can merge multiple PDFs into one single file and split one file into smaller ones all at the click of a button. Additional features include the ability to extract both text and images and compress entire files (for, say, emailing or sharing). The app is free until the end of June (apparently because Christmas is still a long way away…)

Price: € 3.99 – free
Developer: Mobile Science Apps
App Store link: PDF Toolkit



If you’re planning an upcoming wedding then WeddingLan is the best Mac-based utility for the job. It helps you compile together all your contacts and invitations and manages your RSVPs, table layout, checklist (with about 100 tasks already included), gifts and, most importantly, the budget. WeddingLan also helps you build an online website for your big day with an web-based RSVP system where all your guests can send their responses quickly and easily.

Price: € 11.99 – free
Developer: RedVok Software
App Store link: WeddingLan



mxCalc is the missing calculator app for OS X, and besides the basic tools of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division you can also do input math and logical operators, parentheses, variables, constants, operands, functions, arrays and objects. It will pretty much do any equation or operation you throw at it. The answers are displayed immediately and there’s also a history feature, meaning you can view your past calculations quickly and easily (an iPhone version is also available for those interested).

Price: € 1.59 – free
Developer: Artichshev Igor
App Store link: mxCalc



If you want to discover more about the top items on the App Store, then Applause is the app for you. Instead of going onto the Store to check out the top deals (in all categories: top paid, top free and top grossing for all Apple devices), Applause creates a translucent matrix of all the top app icons on your desktop in whatever category you select. The opacity of the matrix can be adjusted to your liking and as soon as you are connected to the Internet, it will download all the new information automatically. Although you may find yourself not using it every day, it’s still quite a groovy feature that may (or may not) brighten up a dreary desktop.

Price: € 0.79 – free
Developer: Permeative Technologies Pvt Ltd
App Store link: Applause

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