What’s Hot: Mac.AppStorm Steps It Up

You may have noticed some changes here at Mac.AppStorm this week…

It’s an exciting time to be writing, and reading about, Mac apps and Apple – to this end we’re pushing forward with a brand new, and wholly invigorating, publishing schedule! You can look forward to double (that’s right) the number of posts you’re used to here on Mac.AppStorm – consisting of plenty more of the hearty posts you love; Reviews, How-To tips, Roundups, and Opinion pieces. In addition to lots of delicious new content to get stuck into!

This is the first of a feature series called ‘What’s Hot’ that will look to give you something interesting to chew on at the end of the week. We’ll look at any great new Mac apps (including editor and reader favourites), interesting pieces of news, and other miscellaneous artifacts…

It’s nice to know where you’re going when you’re reading, isn’t it? I’m going to kick this first one off using a sensible format; a list of six things.

Six Things

1. New Schedule

This gets prime position because it’s the very reason this article is being written! Mac.AppStorm has launched into a new publishing schedule with dramatic aplomb, giving you more of what you love!

We’re moving into publishing twice as much content every week, and stepping up our game in regard to news coverage. I pleased to announce that long-time writer James Cull has become our go-to guy for breaking news and interesting developments. Stick with Mac.AppStorm and never be left out of the loop!

We’ll still be holding on to our strong app focus, but also covering important topics surrounding Apple and related technology. Get excited!

Mac.Appstorm news coverage.

2. Tell Us What You Think

We love to get feedback and discussion on articles here at AppStorm, so always feel free to share what you think. Whether you disagree with the review of an app, have a strong opinion about a move that Apple’s just made, or simply have a question – hit the comments section at the bottom of each and every article!

Especially in regard to new features and articles we’d love to know what you like, and what you don’t like. We have an awesome community here at AppStorm, and it’s all the more vibrant when you get involved – leave comments on What’s Hot posts about the apps that are on your radar, and you might get a mention in next week’s post!

3. iBooks Author

On to some apps, then. First off this week is the newest app from Apple, iBooks Author. Announced at yesterday’s Education Event, iBooks Author describes itself as a way to:

Create and publish amazing Multi-Touch books for iPad.

It could very well revolutionise education, by opening the door for anyone to create and publish their own detailed and interactive textbooks. The books themselves are designed for the iPad, but the creation must be done on a Mac. If you’re interested then head over to the Mac App Store to check out iBooks Author, and read our news post on the event.

Also, it’s free.

iBooks Author

4. Snapseed

A smaller, but still significant app announcement at No. 4. Snapseed is now available for the Mac. Snapseed is a hugely successful iOS app that was given Apple’s prestigious ‘iPad App of the Year!’ award, and now it’s available for the Mac.

Using Snapseed you can enhance, transform, and share your photos with ease using incredibly advanced features, all from one of the leading photography software companies, Nik Software. If you’re interested in giving your shots a little love, but aren’t looking for professional editing software,
Snapseed might be just perfect – and a snip at $19.99.

5. Day One

Each week I’ll be asking on Twitter what apps you, the readers of Mac.AppStorm, are really loving that week. Are there new apps that you just can’t stop using? Or have you fallen back in love with an old classic?

One great suggestion this week was from @13thirtyone, who suggested Day One as an app that he’d rediscovered. Day One is an excellent journaling app that has highly reviewed iOS counterparts, it’s definitely worth a look…

6. 40+ Super Secret OS X Lion Features and Shortcuts

Not much needs to be said about this one. Read it and be enlightened!

What’s Hot

So that was the first What’s Hot post, what did you think? Feel free to leave comments below, I’ll check them out for next week’s feature!