What’s Hot: Pronunciation

Sometimes the smallest things ignite the most heated arguments, this week we were all asking the question; how do you pronounce “Mac OS X”?

This is the second episode in feature series called ‘What’s Hot’ that will look to give you something interesting to chew on at the end of the week. We’ll look at any great new Mac apps (including editor and reader favourites), interesting pieces of news, and other miscellaneous artifacts…

We all know how this goes. It’s five things today…

Five Things

1. New Schedule

First off, I wanted to offer some reassurance to loyal Mac.AppStorm readers about our new schedule. We’re really excited about it, mostly because it enables us to give you more of the stuff you love!

We’re firmly keeping our focus on Mac apps, with more reviews, and interesting roundups, in addition to a few new features. Response to last week’s post was mixed, mostly reaction to the addition of news coverage, but I wanted to make a couple of things clear.

  1. Our news posts will only cover important topics, and will rarely solely report on events – we look to always offer some commentary and opinion!
  2. Mac.AppStorm will now publish around 4 posts per day, a number we feel is pretty much perfect! It’s never our intention to overload you, I know how difficult it is to follow a feed that publishes a whole world of content – sites like The Verge have some great content, but they often post 50 or more items a day!
  3. Our focus is, and will always be, on apps!

2. Pronunciation

One of the hot topics on Mac.AppStorm this week has been the debate over the pronunciation of “Mac OS X”! Josh’s poll last week gave the consensus vote firmly to OS “Ex”, which garnered a comfortable 64% of the vote and controversially outscored the technically correct OS “Ten”.

In many ways it doesn’t matter which way you say it, although if you’re in fussy company you may get a shudder or two. What most interested me was the idea of discussing pronunciation via a non-verbal medium, all while there is a distinct and clear correct way to say the phrase…

The results...

3. Essential Apps

This week Stef Gonzaga wrote an awesome article on the 12 apps that should be in the Apps Starter Kit – well worth a read, even if you’re a seasoned veteran! There were numerous excellent suggestions made for apps that should be added, or swapped in, to the list – here are a few of the best;

  • Handbrake – a possible replacement for Smart Converter.
  • Sparrow – a great email suggestion by Andrew Jo.
  • Dropbox – one of the first apps I get new Mac users to download.
  • Pixelmator – a fantastic suggestion for image editing that is perfect for all but the most extravagant use!

4. iEducation

As the dust settles around Apple’s education announcements, it definitely worth checking out Alex’s consideredreview of iBooks Author. There’s been a lot of talk about the restrictive EULA, with some people frustrated by Apple using its competitive edge in such a bold way. It’s understandable that people were hoping for Apple to revolutionise the e-publishing industry, perhaps creating a tool that would be the Photoshop of e-book design and publishing. What Apple did was more limited in scope, and certainly more competitive – iBooks Author is an excellent, and easy-to-use, app that’s only for publishing to the iBookstore.

Combine that with Apple’s ferociously impressive financial results and you’re reminded of just how successful a business Apple really is.

5. Is iOS the Future of the Mac?

This debate starts itself, read Anna’s fascinating article and ponder over what using a Mac in five years time might be like…

What your desktop could look like with iOS.