YourtTrip: The App to Organize Your Trips

If you’re an avid traveler, and especially if you’ve ever been in charge of planning a trip for multiple persons — your family’s summer vacation, perhaps — you know how important it is to have all the related information, such as your planned itinerary, handy at all times and neatly organized.

Today we’re going to be reviewing an app that can help you do just that. Keep your itinerary, contact information, documents, packing list, budget, expenses, photos, and anything else you might need, all in one place. It’s called YourtTrip. Let’s get to it!

You can think of YourtTrip as your personal assistant in remembering and planning anything you might need on a trip. Seriously, anything. It can store your photos, plan your budget, compare it to your expenses, and give you a to-bring list for making packing easier.

YourtTrip Interface

YourtTrip Interface

All of these awesome features come at a hefty price tag, though, and the Mac version of YourtTrip goes on the Mac App Store for $19.99. An iOS version is said to be in the works, but as of now it doesn’t have a release date.

What Can It Do?

To get started planning your next adventure the first thing you have to do is set a new trip in the app. Just so you can test it out, YourtTrip already comes with a custom trip already filled out with example itineraries, packing lists, and more. But why not start with the planning of your own trip? Here’s a rundown of everything you can plan for using the app.


The Itinerary is where you can keep a timeline of every single event in your trip, and have it all neatly arranged for easy reading. Whether it’s a flight, dinner reservation, hotel arrival or any other kind of thing you can come up, it can all be stored here. Best of all, each event can have its own custom contact, budget, location and corresponding attachments.




YourtTrip has a custom premade list of anything you might need to pack up for your travels, but if you can make your own or complement theirs with any other items you consider necessary. Once you’ve got your list set up, it doubles as a to-do list, giving you the option of checking off items as they are already packed up or accounted for.


Packing List

Budget and Expenses

These two features work together, and resemble a spreadsheet of your monetary management. The budget gives you the option of setting an expected spending amount for every part of your itinerary. You can then compare this expected budgets with the real expenses you had in your trip in those same activities.

Budgets & Expenses


Both of these features are quite useful, as they can give you some  convenient information such as a pie chart of which category (shopping, dining, etc.) you’re spending most of your money on, and they also have support for different currencies even giving you automatic conversion between them.


Perhaps the most unnecessary part of this app is the “Photos” feature. It’s a very basic feature that only allows you to upload your trip photos, where they’ll be arranged by date. Having a few photos allows you to set a thumbnail in your trip for easy identification, but that’s about it.

Photo Viewer

Photo Viewer

In Depth

At its forefront, YourtTrip tries to provide a place where you keep a collection of information on every single trip you’ve had. That’s why in its main menu where you can create a new trip or browse your old ones, there’s a timeline that showcasts every existing individual trip with a thumbnail and some other information.

Exported Itinerary

Exported Itinerary

However, the most useful thing I’ve found in the app is exporting all the information from your trips via Twitter, Email or PDFs. Exporting will give you a clean, organized and useful view of your itinerary, budget, and all the other information you might need while you’re on the road, including a map of the location of every single place in your itinerary.

Worth the Money?

If you are planning a trip for multiple people and are obsessive about the amount of money needed, complete itinerary and planning of every single moment of your trip, then this might be of use to you. I would say most travelers won’t use every single feature this app has. It’s a nice way of putting everything together, but every individual feature that this app has is done better and cheaper by other apps.

At $20, pricing is likely the biggest problem this app faces, especially since there are free alternatives that can help you accomplish similar results. For storing your information and itinerary, there’s Evernote. For pictures, there’s iPhoto. For budgets, there are tons of personal finance apps out there. The thing about YourtTrip is that it incorporates all those features into one single package, but with only decent results.


My first impressions of YourtTrip were that it lacks focus and it’s a bit pricy. In terms of features, it’s all over the place: it tries to do a little bit of everything but it doesn’t really excel at much. Its functionality is a little shallow and could be done better by other apps.

However, if simplicity is your thing and you’d prefer having everything in one single place, YourtTrip might not be a bad option for keeping all your information organized. Perhaps with a companion iOS app and a more accessible price, it’d be a much more useful tool for travelling.


YourtTrip tries to do a bit of everything to help you plan your trips: budgets, itineraries, photos, and much more. Its problem is just that: it tries to do too much to be good at everything.