QuickCursor: Use Your Favourite Text Editor Anywhere

Have you ever been using a website, or one of your less-than-favourite Mac apps, and found yourself needing to write a long essay, letter or work with some text? Hated being constrained to writing e-mails on gmail.com, or typing your blog post into the cluttered WordPress panel?

It’s a common complaint, and there’s nothing worse than writing in an environment that doesn’t feel natural. I was there myself just a few days ago. That is, until I ran across QuickCursor.

What Is QuickCursor?

Made by the talented Jessie Grosjean at Hog Bay Software, QuickCursor is a minimalist menu bar applet that lets you use your favorite text editor – wherever you are on your Mac.

The tiny QuickCursor menubar applet

The tiny QuickCursor menubar applet

The best example is Gmail.com. Let’s say you have to write a long email, but don’t relish the idea of typing it in Gmail’s web interface. Simply hit the key command or use the Menu Bar applet and chose your favorite word processor to edit the text in.

So, you can use TextMate to formulate emails, or WriteRoom to edit your WordPress post. QuickCursor copies whatever you’re currently working on into your text editor of choice. When you save and quit, all the text is pasted back into the dialog box, email body, etc for you.

How It Works

It’s pretty simple. You can set up keyboard commands to launch specific programs. For instance, if I mash down all the modifier keys (command, option, control) and W, whatever I’m working on gets launched into WriteRoom. The same goes for TextMate and Byword, two of my favorite text editors on the Mac.

QuickCursor Preferences

QuickCursor Preferences

After I have finished writing and editing, I just Save and Quit/Close and my text is pasted right where I left it moments ago. It’s a simple solution for an annoying problem: editing text on the web, inside web apps or in ugly programs.

Supported Applications

At present, QuickCursor works with BBEdit, Espresso, MacVim, Smultron, SubEthaEdit, TextMate, TextWrangler, and WriteRoom.

QuickCursor won’t work with other text editors out there (OmmWriter, or even TextEdit for instance). According to Hog Bay Software, it must support the ODB Editor Suite. As a non-developer, I wouldn’t know how easy or hard this is to impliment across various text editing apps- but it would be great to see the list of supported apps grow over the coming months.

QuickCursor costs $5. I wasn’t able to find a direct competator to QuickCursor, other than copy-and-pasting your current text by hand.

For the number of times I’ve used it, I can already justify the $5. If you’re a regular web user or writer, and relish the idea of crafting your text somewhere a little more beautiful, QuickCursor is ideal.

I religiously use Gmail’s web app inside Mailplane for email, and it has been super awesome to be able to write my email within TextMate or WriteRoom. Give it a try, and experience it for yourself!


For a better text editing experience. QuickCursor brings your favorite text editor to any app with a global keyboard shortcut.