iMovie ’11 Screencast: Working With Themes

And here we are again, with another installment in the iMovie ’11 video tutorial series. Today we look at iMovie’s themes. Themes are a unique part of iMovie that really let you take your home movies to the next level. But there are a couple of tricks to be aware of when trying to make use of them yourself.

Let’s dive in!

The Screencast

Wrap Up

See what I did there? Left you with a cliffhanger! Next time we’re going to look at the new “Movie Trailer” functionality in iMovie ’11. It was a big part of the keynote that introduced iMovie ’11, and when you start to use it you can see the time and effort Apple put into making it shine. So keep your eyes peeled for the next installment in the iMovie ’11 video tutorial series, coming soon.