CRM For Small Businesses In A Nutshell

Nutshell is a well-organized and collaborative CRM tool aimed at small businesses. Nutshell has powerful reporting and collaboration tools, integration with Exchange and Google Apps, comprehensive lead tracking tools, and more.

Although there is a web version of Nutshell, it’s also available as a standalone desktop app for Mac, PC, iOS and Android. However, if you’ve ever used the web version of Nutshell, you won’t notice much difference between it and the Mac app ,which basically plugs displays all the functions and features of the web app in a desktop shell. Still, it’s a worthy alternative to browser-based SaaS CRM apps, such as Salesforce, Insightly, or Pipedrive, if you want CRM functionality packaged within a desktop app.

Bringing together customer contacts and communications

Nutshell neatly brings together all of your customer interactions in one app, to help you manage your relationships more efficiently. Along the left-hand side are Nutshell’s main components i.e. Dashboard, Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Reports. This toolbar allows you to navigate and manage your way around the app very easily.

Nutshell takes control of all of your customer communications, allowing you to log emails, phone calls, and meetings. You can filter searches across contacts, accounts, and leads. The app allows you to import Outlook and Gmail into Nutshell and contacts will be created for email addresses that aren’t currently in Nutshell. When emailing a contact or account you can BCC the outgoing message to [email protected] and Nutshell will automatically connect the message directly to the contact and highlight any open leads with them.

Nutshell includes a meeting scheduler which allows you to schedule a meeting with a colleague or customer and it will instantly appear in Google Calendar.

Nutshell provides a clear overview of customer communications and leads.

Nutshell provides a clear overview of customer communications and leads.

Powerful sales management and reporting tools

Nutshell also has some cool sales process management and reporting tools. Nutshell can automate sales funnels, reporting, lead distribution, and other important tasks. The sales process works via a set of milestones designed to guide sales reps through a more structured selling process.

Nutshell is ideal for managers who want to keep tabs on everything that’s going on within a team when it comes to monitoring sales and leads. You can interact with team members at any time, see their activity, and direct them – all from within the main Dashboard. You can, of course, configure Nutshell so that certain information or communications are hidden from specific users or teams. You can also comment on the notes, emails, activities, and other communication your team has with customers.

There’s also a Nutshell Activity report which allows you to see how much each member of your team is doing each week. In addition to these tools are features such as Nutshell Maps, which geographically helps you map out opportunities and leads. Meanwhile, Nutshell Intelligence allows you to view customer and company social profile.

Nutshell Maps provides geographical information on your clients.

Nutshell Maps provides geographical information on your clients.

Integrated with Google Apps, Twitter, MailChimp, and more

Like any good CRM app, Nutshell is also well integrated with popular third-party business services including Zendesk  Google AppsMailChimp, and Twitter. The Nutshell Mac app also integrates with the PC, iOS and Android apps, making it easy to work across devices. The iOS and Android versions put all of the information in the Mac app at your fingertips when negotiating and closing deals on the move. The mobile apps also support push notifications, allowing you to view lists of events that are relevant to you and are designed to alert you when important things happen although you can also setup email alerts for this too.


From a usability perspective, Nutshell is easy to use but the only slight annoying thing is to have to hit refresh to update any new information you’ve entered. This seems mainly because everything is saved in the web app instead of locally. As noted earlier, the rest of the app works almost exactly like the web version and is generally easy to learn without much training.

Nutshell is free to try on Mac for 14 days and does not impose any limits on the number of users, contacts, leads and accounts you can add. After the trial has expired, Nutshell then costs $20 per user, per month which includes unlimited support and help migrating your data to Nutshell.

If you need a well organized CRM app for your small business which makes it easy to keep your eyes on all aspects of your sales team, Nutshell is definitely worth checking out. Check here for information about the SaaS version of Nutshell CRM.


CRM software for small businesses neatly packaged for Mac