Take Control of Your Finances With MoneyWell

For most people, the idea of having a simple, clear budget is appealing. We all want to know how much money we have to spend, and we’d all love to end up with more cash left over at the end of the month. But for people looking for a great app to help them track and manage their finances, the choices have been slim.

Thankfully, MoneyWell has come along, providing a financial management app that is easy to learn, easy to use, and full of features to get you in control of your money. Head past the break to learn more about this app, and maybe start the path to financial peace!

Welcome To Moneywell

Upon launch, users of Apple’s iWork or iLife applications will feel instantly at home looking at MoneyWell’s welcome screen. The giant buttons on this screen make it easy to start using MoneyWell. Choose from a sample document to familiarize yourself with the app, or if you’re feeling brave, you can start a new document from scratch.

Welcome to MoneyWell!

MoneyWell will step you through connecting your internet banking (if supported by your financial institution,) allocating your money, and creating a spending plan in no time!

The Proof Is In The Window

The developers of MoneyWell take great pride in the application’s single-window interface, and I can’t blame them. MoneyWell keeps everything you need in one giant window, making the app easy to navigate and learn.

The proof is in the window.

The best part of MoneyWell’s interface is how natural it will feel to people who’ve spent any amount of time on the Mac prior to using MoneyWell. A lot of work has gone into making this app feel like a natural part of your Mac.

The Envelope Is Dead; Long Live The Bucket!

Many people have found tremendous breakthrough in their finances by employing the “envelope system.” The method is simple: cash your paycheck, and divvy the funds into different envelopes, each one labeled according to your specific types of expenditures. $40 into “Dining,” $50 into “Gasoline,” and so on. If you know where your money goes, it becomes easier to curb impulse spending and to stay under budget.

Time to make your bucket list.

The problem is, in our world of direct deposit and electronic checking, very few of us cash our paychecks. MoneyWell brings the envelope system into the modern age with its chief tool: the Bucket. Choose from a list of default recommendations, or even create your own buckets. This way you know exactly where your money needs to be, and MoneyWell can help you spend it correctly.

Let It Flow

The added bonus to MoneyWell’s bucket system is its “money flow” feature. These “flows” function like cash transfers between accounts, letting you dynamically re-allocate funds if need be. Feel like seeing “True Grit” again, but out of money in your Entertainment bucket? Then setup a flow from “Dining” to cover your ticket. But be careful, because you won’t have as much left for Sushi afterwards.

Let your money flow!

These flows help you not only shift money between buckets, but will help curb impulse spending as you see the impact that extra expenditures have on your overall budget.

The MoneyWell Experience

I’ve been using MoneyWell for a little over a week now, and already I can see the impact this app is having on my finances. For starters, I know where every dollar I spend is actually going, so my days of frustration wondering “where did it all go” are over.

Second, MoneyWell’s bucket system is the perfect way to create a realistic, satisfying budget that will allow you to live comfortably, but still spend wisely.

Lastly, for iPhone users like myself, No Thirst makes a brilliant mobile version of MoneyWell, designed to sync up with the Mac version. This way you can track your expenditures on the go, as they happen, instead of filling your pockets with receipts and trying to find time to enter them all back into MoneyWell for Mac.


MoneyWell is the best solution I’ve come across yet for managing personal finances on the Mac. You’ll spend less time learning the app and more time using it, and best of all, MoneyWell will actually help you develop a comfortable, realistic budget that you can actually stick to.

With a free trial available from the No Thirst website, it’s the perfect time to get your money in check; download MoneyWell today and start filling your buckets!


Powerful personal budgeting and financial management in a simple, easy to use application.