CoolIris: Bring Your Browsing Experience to Life

If you’re a fan of browsing photos and videos on the web, you might be interested in CoolIris. So what is it? CoolIris is a browser plug-in that changes the way you view websites. It “revolutionizes” the way you find, view and share photos and videos. Basically, the plug-in turns your browser or desktop into a 3D wall of media that lets you see and enjoy more content without browsing between lots of different websites.

Let’s delve in to take a look at what CoolIris is capable of, and find out why so many people have this software installed on their Mac.

The Experience

CoolIris couldn’t be easier to use. After installing the plug-in, you are done. A toolbar icon is created that allows you to quickly and easily launch the experience. Additionally, there’s a host of supported websites that embed the CoolIris software right into their site. What this means to the average user, is you’ll be able to just click a photo and instantly be thrust into Cooliris without any other clicking, etc.

The 3D Wall

The 3D Wall

Using CoolIris is fun and simple. Once you open it, you are presented with the “wall” that lets you browse your media. What you see isn’t everything, scrolling will let you continue to breeze through content that is virtually limitless.¬†With powerful features such as search and filters, you can quickly sort through your content and find exactly what you are looking for. You can also subscribe to content to receive updates as the site changes its content.

Browser Additions

Browser Additions


Channels let you organize and view your favorite content quickly. Surf through content from the web broken down into categories, view movies and television shows and even watch content stored on your hard drive right from the CoolIris interface.

Big names such as Hulu, CBS, sony, ESPN, NBC, FOX, ShowTime, National Geographic, E! News and The New York Times all have featured channels that you can subscribe to easily.

Supported Sites

Some sites take CoolIris a step further and integrate the cool features making for a seamless experiences. Right now, sites such as Google Images, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, Getty Images, deviantART and Bing all support CoolIris and integrate well with it.

When on a supported site, all you have to do is hold your mouse over an image or video and a small icon will appear giving you CoolIris viewing options.

CoolIris lets you take the experience with you. With applications available for iPhone and Nexus One, you can view your channels, favorites and subscriptions when you’re on the go. The entire 3D viewing experience is supported and you’ll find the mobile application a welcome extension to the desktop version.

Supported Browsers

CoolIris is supported on all the major browsers and operating systems (for once, this isn’t a Mac only app!). Whether you use Safari or Firefox on your Mac, you’ll find that CoolIris works fine. It’s a free download, so doesn’t cost anything to use.

Supported Browsers

Supported Browsers


Once you start using CoolIris, you might find yourself hooked. The browsing experience is unlike any other. The 3D wall is snappy and responsive and suddenly, you’re able to delve much deeper into content on sites like Facebook and YouTube.

On the other hand, you might find that you miss the simplicity of flicking through images and video in a more traditional format. If nothing else, CoolIris is worth giving a try for a few days – just to experience an alternative way of consuming images and media on the web!

What do you think? Is this a superfluous service that we don’t really need, or does it really go a long way towards making browsing the web a more immersive, enjoyable experience?


CoolIris is a welcome addition to your browser, thrusting you into a 3D wall of your favorite media, allowing you the chance to discover your content in an entirely new and fun way. That being said, the functionality is pretty basic and the list of supported sites is still pretty small.