Master of My Domain

Anyone who owns a few domain names will appreciate that it can be somewhat of a pain to keep track of them all. You may have purchased them from a few different providers, some may auto-renew, some may come with hosting, some may be for other colleagues or friends. It can quickly get confusing.

Master of My Domain (MOMD) is an application designed to simplify the management of several domain names. You can keep track of when they expire, analyse where they are hosted (and where they point to), check whether your sites are running correctly, and easily monitor uptime.

This review will take a look at the different features of MOMD, and decide whether the application is worth purchasing (or whether you’d be fine with a simple spreadsheet!)

The Two Applications

MOMD comes with two different applications – one for storing and managing all your domains, and another to sit in your task bar and monitor their availability.

The Two Applications

The Two Applications

On the one hand, this makes it easy to only run one application if you don’t need the other. On the other, it may have been useful to have everything integrated into one program with a simple option to enable or disable the task bar scanner.

Adding Domain Names

Adding a new domain is a fairly enjoyable process. After typing in the address, MOMD will automatically determine the name of the domain registrar and the date of expiry. You can also enter FTP and email account information to keep everything in one place.

The app can handle any number of domains, and is capable of importing a large existing list from a CSV file if you already have all the information elsewhere. Notes are available for each domain for adding any extra details.

Managing Domain Names

Managing Domain Names

Useful listing options make it easy to list your domains either alphabetically, or by date of expiry. This can be useful to gain a picture of which ones are likely to need renewing soon.

If you need a full set of information for a domain name, clicking “Whois Results” in the menu bar allows you to run a full query and see the raw information provided for the domain in question. You can investigate any domain – not just those added into MOMD.

Another interesting use of the app centres around checking up on domain names you’d like to purchase that are already registered. You can keep an eye on their renewal date to see if the current owner lets the address expire.

Application Integration & Notification

Domain Scanner

Domain Scanner

MOMD is capable of integrating with iCal for entering information about domain name expiry. This is a handy way to take the important dates with you on your iPhone (although a companion iPhone app for MOMD is slated to be coming soon). Alarms and email notifications can also be attached to the iCal event.

The accompanying scanner application will automatically check your domain names are online and accessible at a pre-defined interval, and offers a variety of notification options if found to be unavailable. These include email and/or SMS messages to your mobile phone. In the background, MOMD uses a ping shell command identical to the one you’d use in Terminal to ping a server and be sure it’s online.

Worth $20?

For the basic domain manager functionality, I’d probably have reservations about purchasing Master of My Domain. Although it does the job very well, it’s a fairly straight forward job. The most notable feature is iCal integration, which would otherwise require you to manually add and update calendar entries for each domain.

The main selling point, in my opinion, is the included domain scanner application. Having an app to keep track of all your domains is very useful – in particular the SMS notification service (though this may incur a charge, depending upon your carrier).

I’d definitely recommend MOMD if you have a large number of domains to manage. If you only have a handful, the features on offer many not really add a great deal of value (or save you a significant amount of time).