Deal Alert: Find the Best Deals Online Automatically

We all love finding great deals, but it’s easy to waste more time trying to find good deals than it’s worth. Then, it’s easy to get tempted to get things that you don’t really need right now, just because they’re a good deal.

What if you could spend $2 and let your Mac find the deals you’d like to know about automatically? That’s exactly what LittleFin’s new app, Deal Alert, is.

Don’t Waste Time Searching for Deals

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Deal Alert is a simple menubar app that brings the best deals from Woot!, That Daily Deal, One Sale a Day, Yugster, and Daily Steals to your Mac, with more deals sites coming soon. For now, at least, it’s not bringing you deals on apps, like you might expect at first from the popularity of tools to find free apps of the day on iOS. It’s also not an app to track changes in prices on Amazon, something you can do with popular apps like Price Drop Monitor or PriceWatcher. Instead, Deal Alert is curating the deals from the top deals sites online, with tools to surface the deals from those sites that’ll interest you.

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You’ll be able to quickly see what today’s deals are right from your menubar, and can jump to the deal site directly from the link in the menu. Better yet, you can add keywords for things you’d like to buy in the near future, and Deal Alert will send you a push notification when it finds a deal containing that keyword. That way, if you’re looking for (say) a new set of speakers but aren’t in any hurry about getting them, you can add the keyword speakers and then just forget about it. When a deal on speakers comes up, though, Deal Alert will notice and let you know, and you can jump right to the site to buy them straight from the notification. It’ll save you the time and frustration of checking every day, and hopefully save you some money on stuff you were already looking to buy.

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Rounding off the simple app are settings to customize your notifications and set which sites (from the ones it has included) to monitor. The on/off switches can be a tad hard to use, and you’ll have to click on the button itself to set it (say, if something’s on, the slider will be on the off side. Click the Off to turn it off.). And, unfortunately, there’s no way to add sites to monitor, though the LittleFin team says they’ll be adding more deals sits going forward.

A Simple Way to Save Money

Deal Alert likely won’t be an app you’ll use everyday, but if you love saving money but want to cut out the time of checking deals sites all the time, it’s an app you’ll be glad to have around. It’ll help you find the deals you really need without having to wade through every deal on the ‘net.

Update: The latest version of Deal Alert now can also find Mac app deals from MacUpdate, Two Dollar Tuesday, StackSocial, and Paddle, but this version isn’t available on the App Store due to Apple’s rules. You’ll need to grab your copy from the Deal Alert website, instead.


A simple menubar app that'll help you find the best deals from Woot, Daily Steals, One Sale a Day, and more.