Send Invoices As PDFs With Easy Invoice

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, straightforward way to create invoices, estimates, sales invoices and more, Easy Invoice PDF Invoice Generator is a simple PDF-based solution. Unlike cloud-based billing and invoicing apps like FreeAgent or Zoho Books, you won’t find tons of templates, tracking or fancy analytical features in Easy Invoice but it’s very easy to use, converts everything straight into PDF format and can sync everything with your iPhone or iPad.

Easy Invoice can produce documents that include all of your estimates, sales invoices, and receipts which you can then send instantly to clients. Anything that’s sent from your Mac, you can also choose to sync with your iPhone and iPad. In addition to this, you can export them to the developer’s more advanced bookkeeping software Easy Books, which offers a complete account management solution.

Easy Invoice is easy to get started with and you should begin by entering the product or service you’re selling and its price. So for example, if you’re a selling a service, you must enter the name of the service and how much it costs per hour. The same goes for if you’re selling a product – whatever your work is, you have to enter it first. Once you’ve defined what you’re selling and their prices, it’s then very easy to itemize work in invoices.

Send to multiple customers or business profiles

The default template in Easy Invoice includes a generic customer and address to get you started, but you can change this to whoever you are sending it to. You can also add multiple recipients if you’re sending it to more than one customer. If you’re running more than one business you can set up as many business profiles as you need with separate logos, addresses, payment terms and contact details. Within the invoice section you can also view all sales, payments and credits for a selected customer, generate PDFs of sales invoices, delivery notes, receipts and credit notes and mark sales as paid.

Easy Invoice produces professional invoices in PDF format that you can customize with logos and payment terms.

Easy Invoice produces professional invoices in PDF format that you can customize with logos and payment terms.

The developer stresses that all PDFs are created on your Mac and at no point are synced or sent to their own servers to protect your privacy. Syncing is possible to iPhone and iPad but note that this costs extra – you must purchase in-app Online Syncing and any changes you then make to documents on your Mac will be automatically synced with your iOS devices.

Provides basic tools for invoicing analysis

Beyond creating invoices, estimates, receipts, and statements, Easy Invoice also includes some basic analytical tools to monitor how much you are invoicing specific clients. This is divided into two main sections – ‘Best Sellers’ which details where the majority of your income came from and ‘Customers’ Aged Debt’, which helps you keep track of which clients are overdue with payments, the amount owed and the age of each debt.

You can also perform a Full Audit and obtain a Tax Breakdown. These reports can be exported in either HTML, CSV or ZIP format and imported into spreadsheet applications such as Excel or Numbers.

Easy Invoice includes basic analytical tools to identify things such as best sellers and customers.

Easy Invoice includes basic analytical tools to identify things such as best sellers and customers.

Conflict resolution

Easy Invoice will also warn you when conflicts occur between certain invoices. So for example, if an account is created on two devices with the same category and name, they are considered two different accounts with unique identities. Easy Invoice will not be able to sync changes because of a conflict of identities but will warn you when this occurs. If you want to make sure that your syncing works smoothly without confusing discrepancies between devices, its important to fix conflicts when you see them.

Easy Invoice also claims to Backup and Restore your invoices but in reality, this does nothing more than email the invoice to your email server which you must then upload to an online storage solution such as Google Drive or Dropbox yourself.


Easy Invoice is free to use but if you need online syncing with iOS devices, it costs $32.99 per six months, which is worth it if you need to edit on the move. If you’re unsure about whether its worth syncing, you can try the service for two weeks for free.

If you don’t need fancy features and lots of templates in your invoicing software, Easy Invoice is a good choice. If the app doesn’t quite have the functionality you need, go check out some SaaS invoicing apps instead.


Turns invoices into PDFs in a flash