Take The Work Out Of Teamwork With Moxtra

Moxtra aims to make team communication more flexible. This collaboration app represents a new generation of “Power Communication” tools, designed to change the way teams communicate so that they can work anywhere, anytime on OS X and iOS. It makes an interesting, Mac-flavored alternative to popular cloud-based collaboration software for business such as Wrike, eXo Platform, and Smartsheet.

Moxtra works on MacBooks, iPhones and iPads, although you can also share most things with others who aren’t using these platforms. Moxtra allows you to work on whichever device you may be using in the office, at home, or on the move. Ultimately, Moxtra aims to provide a seamless and faster working experience across both OSX and iOS that removes the need for email and downloading files in exchange for instant messaging and file sharing.

Binders keepers

Moxtra uses digital “Binders” to gather all of your data in the same way you may have used A4 ring binders to store documents and files in days gone by. You simply create a Binder for each topic you want to collaborate on within which you can also chat, watch visual content, share to-do lists and conduct real time meetings to get things done.

You can store archives with your history of messages, tasks, and content which you can later search at any time. You can collaborate on content in just about any way by co-annotating, rendering voice layer over and comments, white boarding, and document presentation.

Moxtra uses Binders to organize data to share with your team.

Moxtra uses Binders to organize data to share with your team.

Moxtra also helps make sure that meetings are more efficient by enabling participants to create and assign to-do lists to track work progress. And even if you want to share something with someone who’s not on Moxtra, you can simply do so via a URL.

Moxtra encourages proactive collaboration through to-do lists.

Moxtra encourages proactive collaboration through to-do lists.

Moxtra is completely cloud-based and allows you to receive voice or text notifications, meeting invitations and files no matter what application you’re using. Using the Moxtra mobile app, you can access folders on your Mac from your iPhone or iPad via remote access support and this feature even works with Android devices too. You can, in fact, allow anyone to access your Mac and Moxtra allows you to control which files and folders are accessible to other users. Alternatively, you can define an access code that users require to open certain files or folders.

Integrated video conferencing and desktop sharing

Moxtra also allows video conferencing and desktop sharing so no more need to use Skype or Google Hangout desktop sharing, Moxtra does it seamlessly and allows you to both have video conference calls and share your desktop with colleagues.

Multiple videos are supported for video conferencing, so you can have several members of the team at once involved no matter where they are. Members don’t even have to be Moxtra users to participate. Invitees can join from any mobile devices or desktop browser without having to download anything.

You can even save videos of meetings in your binders so others can catch up later on. Moxtra also allows you to record your desktop screen as a video clip or screencast and share with other team members if you want to show them how to perform a specific task.

Moxtra makes it easy to share presentation and data with your team.

Moxtra makes it easy to share presentation and data with your team.

Moxtra also allows you to integrate third-party tools and services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc.

Mixing work and pleasure

Although Moxtra is aimed at businesses, Binders, video conferencing and the file sharing features could easily be used by anyone that just wants to keep in touch with friends and family. In this way, Moxtra is a great app to have on your Mac and iOS devices for both work and pleasure.

For instance, you can invite friends to use Moxtra from Facebook and it provides a more private forum for sharing family pictures, videos and plans than social networks. What’s really nice about Moxtra is the way it displays an activity stream of files, folders and other information added by other members. This is similar to the way the Facebook news feed delivers updates to users and makes using Moxtra very easy even for those that aren’t familiar with such power communication or collaboration apps.

Moxtra works just as well for pleasure as it does for work.

Moxtra works just as well for pleasure as it does for work.


All of your communication and activity via Moxtra is kept in sync no matter what device you are using via Moxtra Cloud which keeps your read and un-read messages synced. This aspect to Moxtra works extremely well and was designed by the same engineers behind WebEx.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about all this is that Moxtra is free to use. However, Moxtra For Business has additional IT features such as content control, usage reports, single sign-on, a business library, and integration SDKs & API. But Moxtra offers a hell of a lot for free and it’s definitely worth a try to see the improvements in communication, speed and efficiency it can bring to your business.

If you’re looking for something a little more powerful than Moxtra, check out the collaboration apps for SMBs over on GetApp. And do let us know what tools you use for working in teams in the comments below.


Power Communication tool for business and pleasure.

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