Berokyo: Your Personal Bookshelf

Even with Finder’s Cover Flow view option, organizing your applications, files and creating smart collections isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, with an application called Berokyo this can be done in a simple and stylish way.

Berokyo lets you add files, smart collections and applications into “cabinets”. Along with providing a way to organize your desktop, it allows you to quickly launch your applications, open documents, and personalize each “cabinet” to your liking.

Getting Started

Once you download and install Berokyo, which is also available for Windows, you can add a cabinet. Simply control your cabinets from the menu bar applet.

Menu Bar

Menu Bar

Once you have created your first cabinet, you can right click on the background to add documents, folders and applications. Berokyo will organize your files and give you a beautiful way to scroll through them.


Scrolling Through Files


Berokyo allows you to add dividers and provides different methods for categorizing each section. This way, you can have several different types of files (pictures, music and applications for instance) all in one cabinet.



To add a category, simply right click and select Add Category & Items.

Adding a Category

Adding a Category


You can personalize your cabinet by choosing a variety of different colors, patterns and other tweaks. In the Personalization section you can even create your own styles and save them for later.


Personalize Berokyo

Quick Search

One of the biggest benefits of this application is the ability to quickly search through your cabinets. A global “Quick Search” is set up with a handy shortcut command and provides a somewhat useful way to grab a file that you loaded into a cabinet.



Daily Use

Despite all the visual eye candy, I found Berokyo to be fairly useless for the price when you compare it to the Finder. It is simply providing another way to look at icons and small versions of the documents that you have worked on. Although it allows for heavy customization, the options that are available are cheesy and don’t really help make Berokyo (a strange name at that) any easier to use. It took me far too long to set up a cabinet that offered a great deal of use and, at the end, I would find it a lot easier simply to use saved searches in the Finder.

The “Quick Search” was not nearly as handy as Spotlight or other fast application and document launchers. Berokyo seems to try to be an organizational tool but simply clutters up my desktop. It takes too long to find anything stored away and simply wasn’t worth the trouble.


I wanted to find Berokyo to be the organizational software I was looking for, but it just didn’t fit my routine. I found it perfectly useful for showing off my icons, but then again, isn’t that what Cover Flow was built to do? For nearly $20, I would prefer to spend my money on something else to help me keep organized, like Yojimbo, Shovebox or Together.

Please feel free to let me know if I totally missed the boat with Berokyo, and by all means leave a comment with your favorite desktop organizational software!