SnapNDrag Pro: Screenshots Made Simple

In the world of screenshot utilities, SnapNDrag Pro stands out as a lightweight, yet versatile and powerful tool for grabbing screen images. Its simple user-interface and flexible method for taking screenshots earns it high marks for getting the job done quickly and easily.

Join us as we take a closer look to see why this app from Yellow Mug Software could be just the screenshot utility you’ve been looking for.

The Interface:

SnapNDrag Pro can be configured to launch automatically at login, or manually when needed. Accessing the app from the menu bar or dock opens a small window that gives the user access to the several methods for taking a screenshot. From within this window, the screenshot details can be configured and fine-tuned before snapping an image.

Main Window

Main Window

The Methods:

SnapNDrag Pro provides four methods for taking a screenshot. After the user selects the desired type of screenshot, the app’s window immediately disappears from view and the necessary tool for completing the task is shown.

Choosing the “Selection” method brings forth a simple cross-hair for dragging across the screen and sizing the shot. Click, drag and release. The shot is taken.

Selecting the “Window” method brings forth a camera icon that when hovered over any open window, will highlight that window. Click once and the selected window is captured.

Selecting the “Screen” button takes an image of the entire screen.

Finally, there is a “Timed” method for snapping an image after a countdown from the built-in timer. This would be useful when needing to capture the screen at a specified interval of time.

Screenshot Methods

Screenshot Methods

The default filetype for the screenshot image is jpeg. When in jpeg mode, the screenshot image size and quality can be adjusted depending on one’s needs. While this is a handy feature, the output settings of both the image size and quality are limited to pre-defined increments. A full range scale of 0-100% would be ideal, though for most uses these settings will get the job done. In addition to the jpeg format, SnapNDrag Pro can save images as png, tiff or gif files.

Working with the Screenshot:

After taking a screenshot, an image thumbnail appears within the app’s main window. Now, this is where the fun begins with SnapNDrag Pro. Need to get your image into an email? Simply drag and drop the thumbnail right onto the email client’s compose window. Want to edit or annotate the image? Drag it into your image editor. FTP clients, word-processing apps, file-sharing… the list goes on. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or have the occasional need for taking a screenshot, SnapNDrag Pro’s method of capturing and moving your image to its new location is quick and easy.

Working with Screenshots

Working with Screenshots

The Toolbar and Preferences Pane:

SnapNDrag Pro’s toolbar has a few helpful, if not limited features. There is a save button for the current screenshot. The email button will open up the Apple Mail client (the ability to configure this button with other email clients would be a big plus). A history button toggles open the history drawer of past screenshots. The app’s toolbar has enough space for some added tools, perhaps this is in the works.

In the preferences pane, additional settings may be configured such as global hotkeys, time and date stamps, assigning filename prefixes and automatically copying to clipboard, as well as others.



The History Drawer:

Keeping track of your screenshots is made simple with SnapNDrag Pro’s history drawer. This handy feature is the app’s way of organizing your collection of past screenshots, should you have a need for them later. As with the thumbnail of the current screenshot, the history drawer’s thumbnails can be dragged and dropped wherever they may need to go. When the history drawer gets too cluttered or you’re ready to empty it, the option to selectively clear any or all of its screeshots is a click away.

History Drawer

History Drawer

Go Freeware or Pro?

Yellow Mug, the developers of SnapNDrag Pro have created a freeware version of the utility called simply, SnapNDrag. The freeware version lacks the ability to scale images and access global hotkeys. It also has a sponsor’s ad. The pro version is available as a paid upgrade from within the freeware version. SnapNDrag Pro is currently on sale for 50% off the webstore price in the Mac App Store.

A Good Addition To Your Toolbox?

Some Mac users will be content with the built-in OS X screenshot commands. While limited in their features, these commands will get you a screenshot. For others, an app like Skitch with its full arsenal of editing, annotation and sharing tools might be a bit over the top. SnapNDrag Pro has taken the best of both worlds, combining simple screenshot functionality with a few robust tools that will meet the needs of most users.

Where it lacks in the ability to edit and annotate screenshots, it well makes up for in its ease of use, convenience and simplicity. SnapNDrag in both freeware and pro versions offers a solid choice for capturing screenshots.


A simple and powerful utility for snapping screenshots.