Stylize Your Desktop with Live Wallpaper

If you are the kind of person that enjoys keeping and showcasing a beautiful and clean desktop, you may be interested in finding out how you can inject some life into it with a simple application.

If so, let us introduce you to Live Wallpaper. Live Wallpaper is a small application that gives your wallpaper added functionality. Granted, it may not be as intricate as other applications like it, but let’s take a look at how it fares on its own.

Live Wallpaper

Elegance is welcomed

Live Wallpaper Overview

Created by the team who brought us Lock Screen Plus, Live Wallpaper is an application that allows the user to add some bits of functionality to their desktop. Things like time, date, weather, and custom text can be added within the wallpaper area in a very simple fashion.

Live Wallpaper

The many sexy themes available.

Like Lock Screen Plus, you can pick from a variety of official themes available within the app as well as other custom themes created by users (like the Matrix Rain theme).

The developers support Live Wallpaper by adding more themes (for free) every chance they get, so it is nice to see that there is ongoing support for this app with no additional fees.

Playing with Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper’s appearance settings.

Using Live Wallpaper is pretty simple; once you set your location and pick a theme, you are set to go. Unlike Lock Screen Plus though, you get more control over the appearance and layout of your wallpaper. This is good because that is what these kinds of applications should focus on: user customization.

With Live Wallpaper, you not only able to pick what elements show up on your desktop and what kind of wallpaper the app uses, but you can also enter Edit Mode.

Live Wallpaper

Get creative with this.

Edit Mode is Live Wallpaper’s way of letting you place its elements wherever you want them to be. While this does not work with all elements in some themes (which wouldn’t make sense with some themes, anyway), it is so nice to have the ability to place and arrange elements wherever you want – specially if an element isn’t very legible on a certain region of your chosen wallpaper image. (This is something that the developers should bring to Lock Screen Plus.)

Live Wallpaper Limitations and Concerns

Live Wallpaper

Live Wallpaper’s support for multiple screens – cool, right?

Along with Edit Mode, there are other cool features like multiple monitor support and multiple spaces support that make Live Wallpaper a good solution for your wallpaper customization needs; however, it is good to note that this app is not Geektool.

As many of you may know (and will probably comment on), the level of customization you get with Geektool is much, much greater than that of Live Wallpaper’s, but for the person who isn’t script/geeklet/shell savvy, Live Wallpaper is the perfect choice for them.

With that said, Live Wallpaper could evolve one day and let its users add other elements with ease without having to deal with scripts. That’s for the bucket list, though.

On a different note, Live Wallpaper isn’t a memory hog (at least not that we know of). Not that Geektool is, but if you fill Geektool up with a lot of different things, you are bound to use some of your RAM. Of course, Live Wallpaper will use some, but it’s pretty light on resources.


The 99 cents price point isn’t that drastic, but ultimately, it really comes down to whether or not you want a simple experience with ready-to-go themes instead of dealing with intricate pieces of code.

Live Wallpaper comes with beautiful and creative themes that you are able to use with one click and then edit them with ease. It is as simple as that.


Live Wallpaper is a wallpaper with themes, live clock and weather forecast