60 Fascinating AppStorm Reader Setups

After featuring our huge roundup of stylish Mac setups last week, we then asked you to submit your own setup for inclusion in another post. We’ve gathered 60 of your setups over the past week, and found out about some great new gadgets and software in the process.

Without further ado, click through to find out a little more about the Mac setups of these sixty AppStorm readers!

Justin Edge

I’m using a standard iMac – 21.5″ with just 4 GB of RAM. I’m mostly word processing after all. The 12 year old speakers are from a company called JUSTer Multimedia – I came home when I was a freshman in college and stole those computer speakers from my parents’ house. I love their clunk and they sound great.

Indus Microfilm Machine – What student of the arts is complete without the ability to dip back in time at their leisure? I love this machine, adore it a actually, especially how it looks next to the iMac, a bit of the old and the new. Other standard geek paraphernalia includes an iPod touch 32 GB, Magic Mouse, Free Agent TB: for (legally) downloaded music and films.

The Tervis Tumbler is made in Osprey, Florida filled with fair trade, organic Rwandan blend coffee.

Jacob Tange Nielsen

Clean… most of the time. The Chinese Waving Cat is bringing me luck, and the Ollie bird keeps me updated with tweets. Ironically the monitor’s showing another setup altogether!

Patrik Björklund

  • Benq 24″ monitor
  • Macbook Pro
  • 5$ logitech mouse
  • iPhone 3G
  • 1 Speaker

I love the fact that I have my whole desk free by having the monitor in the flower stand.

Miha Rekar

Taken with my iPhone when I was leaving the room – we have an iMac 20′ 2.4 (Mid-2007) in the middle surrounded by Genius surround speakers, AKG K530 headphones, original keyboard, freshly new Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch, Logitech MX Revolution (best mouse ever, too bad they don’t make ’em anymore) on steelseries surface, cheap no-name card reader, Drobo, WD Studio and MacBook Pro 13′ 2.53 (Mid-2009).

Michael Watzke

I have a MacBook Pro 13″ – C2D 2,53GHz, 4gb of DDR3 RAM with 320gb HDD (7200rpm) and some additional drives (4x500gb) for backups and other data, 22″ ASUS display.

I want to change to Cinema Display, but the new ones (with LED) are only up to 24″ and I want 27″ or 30″, so I’m waiting (ed: me too!). My desk is 2.8m long with blue backlight under the shelves. And what I love? It’s my space on desk and… I love it at all, I made it myself as I wanted to, so I’m glad.

Curtis McHale

It’s not only a Mac desk. Right now I have Windows 7 on the left monitor and then I turned my Dell Mini 10v into a hackintosh which is on the monitor on the right.

I use Synergy and SynergyKM to use one mouse/keyboard between the two machines. I do almost all of my coding on OSX and my design work (PS, AI, ID) on the PC.

You can also see my Wacom Bamboo. The moose head is from a friend and sits on the pen when not in use. Just behind my Windows monitor is a Snowball mic for podcasting and screencasting.

The topper is of course my books from my BA in pyschology acting as monitor stands. Yeah that’s Biological Psychology you see there.

Lukáš Hurych

I’m using 13″ MacBook Pro with 23″ HP display, keyboard Logitech G15, sound system Creative iTrigue and for inspiration I’ve got a bonsai. The main thing that I love on my desk is my Mac.. :)

Jack Rebel

I have a 13″ MacBook Pro, and an 37″ Audiovox HD display great for editing video and photos. I also use a 500 GB external Western Digital HD. As for accessories, I use Apple’s slim keyboard, a Logitech mouse and Z2300 Logitech speakers (subwoofer on floor). I have an 8GB apple iPhone and the Mouse pad is a FlexiGlow xRaider Illuminated Mouse Pad. I also use a Griffin Power-mate for much more than just volume control. As for the the desk, lamp, and shelf, they are all from IKEA.

Wouter Vreven

So this is my recently renovated desk/ bedroom. I went for a clean look and feel. I use a 13″ MacBook Pro, Magic Mouse, Apple keyboard, Lacie HDD that is used as a time machine, my old stereo in the bottom right that I hooked up to my Airport Express and my HP printer in the top left that is also used wirelessly through my Airport.

Larissa Herbst

Andrew Burkov

Mac Pro Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz, 4gb ram, hdd 500+1000, Geforce 8600gt, Dell 2407wfp, Sony DCR-HC23 as web camera, Wacom Intuos pen and mouse, Sony Ericsson m600i cell phone, Creative SBS-560 audio system.

Vivek Prabhakar

Its an 8 foot long desk. I made the design myself and got a friendly carpenter to make it! Gear includes a HP Photosmart Printer, Batman Poster, MacBook Pro 15″, JBL On Tour, 22 Inch Full HD Monitor, Apple Wireless Keyboard, Apple Time Capsule, Apple Magic Mouse, Western Digital 1TB HDD, Cool Star Wars Poster, Lacie 500Gb HDD, Seagate 1TB HDD, Wacom Bamboo Tablet, and a Canon Desktop Scanner!

Brian Mathieu

The iMac is a 21.5″ running at 3.06GHz. Also pictured are the Kensington Expertmouse, an original iPhone, and a Hackintosh Dell Mini10V.

Claus Shapshifter

  • MacBook Air
  • Self Made Stand
  • 24″ Dell Monitor

Kristofer W

This is where I do pretty much everything. I’ve got a 15″ Macbook Pro hooked up to an external 24″ widescreen monitor. Apple Wireless Keyboard and a Magic mouse. External harddrive, 1TB lacie.

Arthur Lambillotte

Dario Tiezzi

Lot of DVD, lot of Blu-Ray, lot of videogames, lot of music and a big Mac……what else?!

Nate Legaspi

My command center at work surrounded with books, toys, postcards, job orders, notes, iMac, macbook, a Wacom Tablet (nice for lefties like me), iPhone, a computer mouse and two small pillows :)

Felix Bengtsson

  • Macbook Pro 13″
  • Modded LG FLATRON L2010B
  • iPhone 3GS
  • Logitech MX518

Daniel K.

From the left side: my beloved PowerBook G4 1.5 GHz (a beast for the price of a netbook), AKG K 530 LTD headphones, 27″ Core 2 Duo iMac + 22″ Samsung as a secondary display, the latest iPod Nano, iPhone 3G and a G4 Mac Mini (aka my iTunes & file server).

The Mini and the iMac both have their own external FireWire disks in aluminimum MacPower enclosures (not in the picture).

Mihai Neacsu

  • 1 x 13″ MacBook Pro
  • 1 x Samsung SyncMaster 755DFX (old school CRT)
  • 2 x sticky notes

Adrian Ferenczik

A MacBook connected to a 24″ BENQ wide lcd, with one Samsung story 1TB + 1 Samsung 320 GB external and some other geek stuff :)

Adam McIntyre

24″ Cinema Display hooked up to MacBook Pro held underneath the desk on a BookArc from TwelveSouth, desktop speakers & sub woofer hidden behind the screen/underneath desk, and a wireless Apple keyboard / Magic Mouse. All held on top of a glass table.

Favourite workspace items for me are definitely the screen, but also the mounted Lips reading lamp and also my lava lamp. It makes working at night so much easier on the eyes, as you have no brightness control on the Apple displays!

Simon Gustavsson

iMac Quad i7 8GB RAM + M-Audio MIDI keyboard + Wacom Intuos4 Tablet (Large) + iPhone 3G. I love my view out the window and the huge, super high-res screen, and of course, the gigantic tablet, which is unbelievably precise! I can’t live without it!

Davor Peic

iMac 27″ i7, iPhone 2G, Sony v700 headphones, Coffee cup always full, Logitech Mx1100. I love free and simple space on my desk. That’s it!

Richard K

24″ iMac with 1 Tb HD, wireless mouse and keyboard; Wacom Tablet, 120 Gb Firelight portable HD, 1 TB Seagate portable HD, 1 Tb Fanton portable Drive, 1 Neat Document Scanner, 1 Kodak ESP 7 All-in-one; 1 Canon MP 480 All-in-One; 1 MacBook Air with portable DVD Drive.

I also have 1 VisaTablet mini Tablet; 1 iPod Touch, 1 iPhone, 1 Omega Portable HD, 1 WD Portable HD, 6 flash drives ranging from 250 Mb to 2 Gb, Harman Kardon Desktop speakers, wireless phone.

(Ed: That’s a lot of kit – and we even cut what’s present in the “backup office”!)

The desk is a bit of “organized chaos,” but everything is easy to get to, and I am networked to the downstairs set-up as well.

Stian Schultz

This is my 15″ MabBook Pro hooked up to my 24″ full HD screen! I also have an Apple Wireless keyboard and an old (but solid) Wacom tablet! Don’t know where the keyboard hid on this pic though. I really loves this setup! It’s really great to just throw those windows you don’t really want taking up any space to the left.

Also the big screen is really neat if you’re working with graphics (as me) or if you enjoy watching movies (also me). I took this picture with my crappy HTC Tattoo camera, but in spite of it’s low resolution and bad image quality, I think it captures the cozyness of my setup, witch is alfa omega to me!

Andy Burchett

MacBook Pro with an Acer monitor hooked up to a Lacie 1 TB hard drive, an old PC keyboard and a Logitech wireless mouse.

Antonio Iannini

Custom made desk with (from left to right): Cork wall, Epson Perfection 610, Harman/Kardon Speakers, Wacom Cintiq 21Ux, Macbook Pro unibody 15″ with Clear Speck case over BookArc by Twelve South, Powerbook G4 17″ over mStand by Rain Design, Apple wireless Keyboard, Apple Magic Mouse, Wacom Intuos3 6×8, Lacie Big Disk Extreme+ 1TB, iPod Touch 16Gb with A8 Earphones by Bang&Olufsen, iPhone 3GS with EarSet 1 by Bang&Olufsen, LaCie Starck 500 GB, Epson Stylus Photo 1410, Time Capsule 1TB.

Stephane C

The main items are my MacBook Pro, Apple Keyboard, and Magic Mouse. I also have an iMac G5, iMac DV, still working but I keep it just because it’s nice. Most external HD, printer and airport extreme live in the closet/server room out of sight :-)

I try to keep the desk clean as in the photo, just what i’m working in at the moment to make sure there is no junk to distract me but I fail most of the times.

The iMac G5 use to live in the closet/server room as it used to be my media computer (mostly for the AppleTV) but I had to change the HD and I had problem with it so now it’s a second computer when I’m at work.

I’t the cleanest desk I had in my life, almost no paper :-)

Elad G

My desk is the cheapest, yet most efficient, desk I’ve ever had. As a music producer I need a simple working place and a clean stable (not shaky) setup for my creativity. I’ve built this “bridge” from 3 pieces of wood. As an addition, I built a rotating monitor and connected it to the bridge, so I would be able to rotate the monitor to a more conferrable angle.

My setup combines a Mac Pro (late 2008) 4-Cores 6 GB ram, Adam A7, RME Fireface 400, Korg TR-88, Behringer BCR-2000 and lots of other stuff :)

Bryce Wagg

This office was actually wasted space before I moved in, but a few coats of paint, a custom built desk for about $25 in parts and a couple of hours of work, a chair, a laptop stand, a lamp, and I’m all set. I love the desk because it’s very creative, but stylish and I didn’t have to spend a fortune on furnishing. I was also able to post a chalkboard behind me and get some accessories without breaking the bank.

Benjamin Falk

I recently moved so I took the opportunity to redecorate/reorganize my home office. Most of the furniture is thanks to my local IKEA. I use a 17″ Macbook Pro with a 23″ monitor, along with a Logitech Revolution MX mouse and Apple keyboard.

I also recently added a NX stand for my laptop which frees up some desk space and makes it a bit easier for me to connect my laptop to the external monitor.

Martyn Palmer

My make-shift desk includes a 20″ iMac 1st Gen, Macbook 13″ 1st Gen and my 3GS. I’m moving so its a bit bare. Usually I have my books thrown all over.

Marius M.

  • Black glass table from IKEA (yeah, I know.)
  • Late 2008 iMac 24″ 3.06 GHz
  • MagicMouse
  • two-battery Wireless Keyboard
  • iPhone 3GS Dock
  • Universal Dock
  • LaCie 500GB with Neil Poulton Design
  • ugly crappy SD-Card reader
  • “What Would Google Do” by Jeff Jarvis
  • Lucky Bamboo :)

Stephen Korecky

MacBook Pro, 20″ Cinema Display, 4.5TB extra storage / backups hidden under the desk.

Dan Palmer

I usually have a nice setup in my room, but a week ago, my room became the stairs up to our new second floor! I have therefore been moved to the conservatory where I have no speaker setup, it is either far too cold or far too hot, all the neighbours can see exactly what I am doing, and I have the dryer next to me as well as all the stuff we still haven’t unpacked from when we moved house.

Oh well, I have my Mac and a nice big screen for coding. That is all I need :) Speakers would be nice though!

I usually have a nice set of Harmon Kardon Soundsticks for my music. I am a student and part-time software developer, so I have a big secondary monitor for coding. I could not live without Textmate. Mac OS could become as bad as Windows 95, but if it still has Textmate, I will stay.

I have a Wacom Bamboo that I use when playing around in Photoshop for UI design. However I use it a lot more for just sketching out ideas in CocoPad. I have a notebook in front of me too. I could have all the tech in the world, but nothing beats a pen and paper for scribbling down formulae and quick bits of data.

You probably can’t see from the picture, but I have a keyboard cover from KBCovers.com. I do not use a Qwerty keyboard, I use Dvorak and I have loved it since switching just over a month ago.

Finally, I hate my desk. It wobbles, there are boxes underneath so I have no leg room, and thanks to the conservatory being our dumping ground, cooking equipment is taking up a large amount of room. I wish I could upload a nice picture of an awesome setup, but until our loft conversion is complete, this is what I am stuck with. Unfortunately, some of us have to put up with setups like this. Oh well, only a few weeks more.

Gabriel Estey

Desk: Hand-Made…I really like the large surface.
Computers: iMac 27″& Macbook Pro 15″
Tablet: Wacom 12WX
Mice: Mighty Mouse and & Magic Mouse
External HD’s: Western Digital (500) & LaCie (500)
Speakers: Logitech
Printer: HP

Andrew Egenes

I work off a 24″ iMac and a 15″ MBPro. I use a Logitech Dinovo wireless keyboard, a Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse, a Bamboo Wacom tablet, and a set of Bose speakers. Sitting opposite me, my wife hooks her 15″ MBPro to a 24″ Dell display.

A rather small room, only 10′ x 12′, the room feels quite spacious because of the furniture arrangement. It’s extremely comfortable and cozy. And yes, almost all the furniture and accessories are from Ikea.

Devin Clark

  • Macbook Pro 15″ 2.8 Ghz 4gb ram
  • 24″ Asus Monitor (Main)
  • 16″ Piece O’ Crap Dell Monitor (Secondary)
  • Logitech G15 Keyboard
  • Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse
  • You can kind of see my 1tb WD external behind the Macbook.

The Desk is custom built, 11 feet by 2 feet, and mounted to the wall. It gets the job done.

Emily Mabry

I picked up this old Steelcase desk used at an office furniture store here in town. I love it! I’ve got an old 20″ iMac (I call it the iBoob) that I’ll upgrade someday when my freelancing business takes off. My main machine is my 13″ MacBook Pro.

Other tools include my wireless Mighty Mouse and a Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

Antonio Diaz

This is where I do most of my design/programming for Artifice Studios.

Dino Franke

iMac 24″, Wacom Intuos 3, Canon Lide Scan, Canon Selphy, Akai APC40, LPD8, LPK25, iPhone, E-MU Tracker Pre, 2x LaCie HardDrives, Korg Kaoss Pad, Jomox XBase09

Federico Magni

  • iMac G4 15″ 800 MHz
  • iMac 17″ 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo
  • MacBook 13.3″ 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • Airport Extreme
  • Lots of hdds
  • iPhone 3G
  • Canon cameras
  • Russell Poulter

    My 27″ Core i5 iMac with a second 22″ HP Screen (because 27″ just isn’t enough along with my MacBook and iPhone!). You can also see my HP all in printer and my JVC Everio camcorder. I love my desk to be clean and clear – no distractions, just display!

    Tatiana do Nascimento Ribeiro

    I have some of my favorites CD’s, DVD’s and magazines. The “Bomber” is a sound device that has a good bass for my music with 2 satellite speakers. The writing-desk was designed by myself, and created by a carpenter. I use a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse v2.0. My printer and scanner is a HP Photosmart C44480. For my pics I use a Canon EOS Rebel Xtr.

    Mateusz Stachowski

    There’s iMac 24” and MacBook Pro 15” on my desk. There’s also a camcorder (Sony), a external HD, headphones, JBL speakers, a tablet and lots of other extremely useful little things everywhere…! Well, maybe it’s not the best working place but still it’s working! And I tell you, it’s really creative!

    Mac Coy

    MacBook Pro (2.33GHz intel core duo 2) with Apple 23″ Cinema Display; an old G4 AGP (under the desk), White MacBook (2GHz intel core duo 2), Airport Extreme, and various other bits and pieces!

    Sleo and Kawa

    Stepan Mitaki

    Tom Walters

    Well here you can see my lovely 27″ iMac with my iPod touch on it’s foot, and then to the left of that my battery charger for my Nikon D60 and my phone. I’ve got the large Apple keyboard and a magic mouse.

    I like my setup because it is simple and clean!

    Philo Hermans

    Samsung 226BW (monitor)
    Samsung LE32B652 – Full HD (tv)

    Intel iMac 24 inch
    Mac Book Pro Unibody 15 inch
    Mac Mini Server

    iPhone 3GS
    Wacom Intuos

    Martin Reisch

    I love this workspace because it feels like i’m often IN the world that as a photographer, filmaker and designer i’m trying to often create. It’s the combination of Nature and Technology that i’m always striving for.

    MacBook Pro 15″, iMac 24″, 19″ Viewsonic, Macbook 13″, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod

    Carlo LJ

    A MacBook Pro, iMac, and Magic Mouse. It’s not pretty, just my work bench where I do apple repairs.

    James Rowlinson

    iMac 24″, JBL speakers, a Rubiks cube, and 1Up game. I’m also armed with my iPhone and my work issue HTC desire.

    José Arturo Figueroa

    This is my setup for editing work at home. I have a mobile station (Macbook Pro) and a Mac Pro at the office. I’m from Valdivia, Chile!

    Tim Process

    • Black Macbook, 250GB, 2GB RAM
    • LG M2294D Monitor
    • Wacom Bamboo Tablet
    • Seagate 500GB FreeAgent

    The desk is from Ikea. It’s my home workstation, and I am happy to work or play on it. The MacBook is still going strong but I will be getting a 13″ Macbook Pro next!

    Aleks M

    I have an 8-Core Mac Pro, 2x 2,8Ghz XEON, 12GB Ram, 2x Apple Cinema Display 23″, 15″ MacBook Pro (2,2Ghz Core 2 Duo).

    Ben Byford

    A MacBook Pro 13″, Sansung 23″ display, iMac G5, PS3, various hard drives, felt pens, and lots of coffee!


    A huge thank you to everyone that took the time to partake in this project. I really enjoyed looking at where you all work (and it was brilliant to AppStorm on a few of your screens!)

    If you have any ideas for future projects such as this, feel free to share them in the comments.