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When you’ve been working hard, it’s always great to take a break. Some like to check Facebook, others like to read a real book. I’m a big fan of playing a quick game of some sort. Usually, I play a game on my iPhone. It’s fast, the games load in no time and there are tons and tons of games that are really easy to only play for 5 minutes at a time. Lately, however, I’ve been leaving my phone in a different room or turning it off so I’m not distracted by calls when I need to work. As a result, I decided it was high time I found some games for my Mac that are worthwhile to play for just 5 minutes at a time.

During my search for games, I had a few requirements for each of the games. They had to boot quickly, be entertaining, easy to pick up and to put down, and I wanted free games. I’ve put together a collection of 15 of my favorites (although there were at least 15 more that I thought about including). These games meet all of my requirements, and while they’re not always the most attractive games, they’re free and generally addicting. Read on for a few classics and several games you’ve probably never played.