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Apple Stores have become all but ubiquitous in most major cities around the world. I live in Thailand, which doesn’t actually have its own Apple Stores, but their Apple Premium Resellers here, iBeat and iStudio, look quite the part of their Apple Store counterparts. And they’re everywhere, in all major malls and even small-town superstores.

Apple Stores are great places to try out the latest Macs and iOS devices, and make it rather easy to, say, buy anything from new power adapter for your MacBook or a new MacBook in just a few minutes. But if you’re not content with the default specs, you’ll want to head to Apple’s online store. There, you can trick out your Mac with all the ram and SSD space Apple offers.

Or perhaps you’re looking to save some money. In that case, you might be better heading to or a brick-and-mortar retailer. They don’t offer quite as fancy of a shopping experience, but they often are a bit cheaper at least.

That’s why we’re wondering: how do your buy your Macs and other Apple hardware? I personally have purchased all of my Macs from Apple’s online store, though I tend to pick up accessories as I need them at local Apple Premium Resellers. How about you?

The Apple website is somewhat iconic, and over the past few years has become one of the most frequented sites on the internet. According to Alexa, is one of the top 100 ranked pages (69th, at the time of writing). Considering the change and evolution undergone by Apple as a company, their website has retained a similar style for almost a decade.

This post will take a look at six-monthly snapshots (with a few other notable events) of, providing an overview of how the website has evolved over the past 10 years. Prepare for a trip down memory lane!