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Our sponsor this week is Ondesoft Audio Recorder, a powerful audio recorder that’ll let you record any audio from any of your apps. With a brand-new interface and tools to help you crop, trim, cut, and split any audio file, it’s the recording solution your Mac is missing.

If you’ve ever wished you could record audio directly from your Mac apps, Ondesoft Audio Recorder is the app you need. From recording a Skype conversation to saving a broadcast from your favorite internet radio, you can record anything you hear on your computer with this app. It can grab the audio from any of your apps and record it in the formats you want, individually, at the same time. You can even plug in a mic and record your own audio with all the audio controls you want.

When it comes time to save and share your audio, Ondesoft Audio Recorder has you covered. It can record to any of the most popular audio formats you want, at any of a wide range of sampling rates. You can even edit the audio in the app to make sure it’s perfect before you save. And don’t worry if you won’t be at your Mac at the perfect time to record; the built-in scheduler lets you schedule recording exactly when you need it.

Go Get It!

Ready to start recording audio from your Mac apps like a pro? Then this is the time to get a copy of Ondesoft Audio Recorder with the Ondesoft Christmas 2012 Promotion. You can get Ondesoft Audio Recorder half off for just $14.97, and can also get a free copy of their iTunes Converter for Mac in addition to discounts on most of their other apps.

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Our featured sponsor this week is Onde Audio Recorder For Mac, an easy way to record audio from any application on your Mac.

Have you ever wanted to grab and record audio from specific applications? Say you’re listening to a recording in a web browser or would like to have a record of a Skype conversation, Onde Audio Recorder is the perfect solution.

The interface is straightforward and super easy to use. Simply select the application that you’d like to use as an audio source and hit the record button, that’s it! On top of selecting specific applications, Onde Audio Recorder also allows you to target any input device that’s connected to your device.

After you’ve recorded your audio, you can trim it in seconds flat with the built-in audio editing tools. This app is a fully loaded toolbox of great utilities for capturing and editing audio and I’m confident that it’s perfect for your audio recording needs.

Go Get It!

If you’re convinced that Onde Audio Recorder For Mac is the app you’ve been waiting for, grab your copy from the developer’s website today. In addition to the option to purchase, you can also test drive the app completely free to see if it’s a good fit for your workflow.

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