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It used to seem nearly impossible to fill up your hard drive, and a new computer used to always give you more storage space than your old one. That’s increasingly not the case, with SSDs coming standard on MacBooks. If you’re struggling to get the most out of your 64 or 128Gb of storage space, then CleanMyMac 2, our sponsor this week, might be the app you need.

CleanMyMac 2 is the latest version of the well known app for cleaning your Mac, and it brings a number of new features and a brand-new UI to the table. It’ll help you find old, large files on your Mac — perhaps an old Office installer you had in your Documents folder, or old video chunks you should move to an external drive — and also let you delete anything that old apps left behind when you uninstalled them. It’ll also surface apps you haven’t used in a long time, clean up your iPhoto library, and more, to help you get the most out of your storage space.

After all, there’s no reason to have to skimp on what you keep on your Mac when there’s old files there that could just be deleted or moved out. Check out their feature video for more info:

We found the latest version to be an impressive upgrade in our review of CleanMyMac 2. If you’ve got a lot of old files sitting around on your Mac, you’ll be sure to be just as impressed.

Go Get it!

Ready to get your Mac clean and free up space on your SSD? Then you should download the free trial of CleanMyMac 2 and give it a shot. You can then get the full version for $39.95 to keep your Mac fresh and clean.

Then, the best thing about CleanMyMac 2 is that it’s a free update to CleanMyMac 1, so if you already have an older version of CleanMyMac, you can get the latest features for free. If you haven’t updated yet, the updated version just might be the nicest app you didn’t even know you had.

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When it comes to purging caches and improving your Mac’s performance, there’s nothing like MacPaw’s CleanMyMac. The utility has been around since the summer of 2009 and has been the most reliable way to keep your Mac running like it’s new.

On the 5th of March, a brand new version of the app released with many changes and improvements. I’ve been using the new CleanMyMac 2 since late January, and here’s what I’ve observed. (more…)