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In the past two years, we’ve seen a lot of specialized photo manipulation apps enter the scene. Apps like Analog, Flare, and Instagram allow people to apply filters that recolor or add texture to photos. Focus is a photo manipulation app as well, but its specialty lies in creating unique blur effects in photos.

Cameras that have an adjustable lens allow you to change the focus of a photo, blurring objects at different distances. However, if your digital camera doesn’t have the ability to change the lens focus, or if you just took a photo without focusing it well, you might feel the need to give photos that effect manually. Read on to see what Focus has to offer.


Wallpaper Wizard is an application that, as you could have guessed, manages the wallpaper images on your Mac. It’s a fairly simple concept, but this application throws some really fun and interesting twists into the mix. Managing your wallpapers isn’t necessarily one of those “mission critical” type of things, but having a fresh, beautiful desktop image to look at can be a pleasant boost.

Wallpaper Wizard gives you access to a huge online gallery of desktop images. The application essentially pulls images from online storage to use as your wallpaper image whenever you tell it to. It’s also possible to include your own images in the mix, as well as share any especially cool images with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

The concept may be basic, but this application is a surprising amount of fun.