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I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m working at writing a new article or any other kind of work, switching windows and doing something else makes me lose focus on what I was previously doing. This problem usually interferes with another thing that I love doing while working, which is listening to music.

Most of the time, switching albums or artists while I’m working gets to be quite distracting and time-wasting. I jumped at the opportunity to review today’s app, Tracks, because it provides a very quick and distraction-free way of managing iTunes, among a few other things. Want to check it out?


The first words that jump into my mind when I think about the iTunes controller market are “over saturated.” That said, many of them skimp on the features, and lack a little design polish. Only a handful of them do their job well, and only a few of those do it with style.

CoverSutra by Sophiestication software is my personal favorite iTunes controller. I’m going to detail why I chose it over the other controllers out there, and highlight a few of the features that make it particularly unique.